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Can I keep exercising once I start care?

A common question I hear from new clients at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs is, can I keep exercising once I start chiropractic care?

Depending on the individual that could mean doing CrossFit, running marathons, playing tennis or even taking walks at night with their husband or wife. Some of us use this as our getaway from the real world and using exercise as an opportunity to destress or spend time with our loved ones. So why would I want to take that away from them the ‘thing’ that makes them the happiest?

Whatever it may be, their “why” is the reason they started care to begin with and avoiding those aches in order to get back to their daily routine at 100%. The joy of doing what they want to do actually helps with the progress of care because of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin that are released into the body while staying active. I always want our clients to stay active, as long as their body is functioning in a way that won’t cause any further damage, that is key. As long as they will not make their problem worse then I am 100% supportive of them being active and moving.

Instead of me telling you about working out and moving while under chiropractic care, here is a review from one of our clients who recently qualified for the Boston Marathon and someone you can see running through the streets of Atlanta:

” I hurt my back doing a deadlift at the gym (and after visits to a Sports Massage therapist she told me due to the swelling that I would likely need to take some time off).  In December, I made the decision to reach out to Adam… and asked him if there was anything he thought he could do to help and that’s when we went to work…  I remember asking him how much time he thought I was going to have to take off – and I remember him telling me “no time” – he would work with me to get me healthy again.”  – Erin Varano


This client is a passionate runner that recently completed the Boston marathon with a personal best time of 3:25:53. Beating her previous best by over seven minutes!

I will always take the clients health and ability to recover into consideration, but the reason they are seeing me is to enjoy their life to the fullest, so I want them to get back to their regular lifestyle as soon as possible. 

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