From Ironworker to Chiropractor – The Story of Dr. Adam Podraza

From Ironworker to Chiropractor – The story of Dr. Adam Podraza


Ten years ago I was working as an IronWorker in New York City. Five hundred feet in the air walking on a steel beam no wider than your foot. From that height, the people in the streets below are the size of ants. The building swaying side to side, wind gusts ranging from a soft breeze to gusts that would blow you right off of the beam, the rush was incredible! I loved my job yet, I always knew there was something more for me.


As life would have it, at that time I was living with a friend of mine who worked in the film industry and specifically with an organization called Chiromission. He noticed I was missing something in my life and invited me to come on a mission trip with him to the Dominican Republic. It’s interesting how you can look back on a decision that had such a dramatic influence on your life and think, where would I be right now had that not happened? I will always look back on that trip as the greatest decision I have ever made, next to asking my lovely wife out on our first date of course.


In my career as an Ironworker, I had my fair share of injuries. On multiple occasions, I had been sent to a Chiropractor to help with back pain. While I did see improvement through getting adjusted the Chiropractor, I was working with never explained to me about innate intelligence and the power of the nervous system. On the mission trip to the Dominican Republic, I saw the real power and beauty of Chiropractic. Listened to many speakers about experiences adjusting people with serious issues and their miraculous recoveries. I had so many great experiences on that trip, too many to mention, let’s just say that they will all be in my book one day. The last night while we met in the conference room I was on stage telling everyone about what had happened to me over those four days. I swore to them that the next time I came on this trip, I would be a doctor. I had found my passion and purpose in life, to be a Chiropractor.


Since that day years ago in the Dominican Republic, I have earned my Associates degree in human services, my Bachelors degree in Biology, and my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I was the student council president at Life University during my time there. I was also class president as well. Met my beautiful wife while attending earning my doctorate and now have two wonderful children. I decided to stay in the Georgia (somewhere I never thought I would be) after graduating and opened a practice in sandy Springs. Now I am seeing people’s lives changing on a daily basis in my own practice! I couldn’t be happier with my choice to be a Chiropractor and look forward to helping countless others improve their life through the power of Chiropractic.

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