Spinal Decompression in Atlanta (Buckhead)

If you have lasting back pain, you know how disruptive to your life it can be. You may be unable to think of little else except finding relief. Some people turn to spinal decompression therapy – and we can provide that.

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Decompression Treats…

  • Back or neck pain or sciatica
  • Bulging or herniated disks or degenerative disk disease
  • Worn spinal joints
  • Injured or diseased spinal nerve roots

Benefits to Decompression

  1. Provides pain relief. Decompression can relieve tension in tight or injured muscles.
  2. Promotes healing of disc tissues. Decompression imposes a vacuum-like force on the spinal discs, which helps to draw healing fluids, cells, and other substances toward the damaged tissue.
  3. Helps restore your discs and joints. Things like stress and other factors may cause joints to be out of place or to herniate. Decompression helps to realign the joints and discs.
  4. Relieves pressure on nerves. Non-surgically decompressing the spine increases the space around these nerves, which may otherwise have become impinged and inflamed, thus allowing these nerves to begin healing.

A 5-Star Testimonial

Alex C. in Buckhead

Great group, very welcoming and Cohen understands problems/pains that are associated with exercise. Cohen recognizes common issues you may have with fitness due to his own experiences which makes you trust his assessments. Been coming for years and the trip is always worthwhile.”