I went ahead and did this workout on Thursday night after watching Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs make it look easy. Rich looked as if he was casually doing burpees and slowly doing his thrusters. I remember my coach saying during our workout “Rich just finished!” and we were all on rounds 12 and 15.

I will not re-do this again BUT if I were to there are definitely some strategies that would help.


* Stay hydrated throughout the day! A lot of people who did this on Thursday needed water during the WOD. I would be drinking lots of water and coconut water throughout the day to make sure the cells are ready to perform.

* If you are going at night then stay light throughout the day. If you are going in the morning then make sure not have a heavy breakfast of bacon and eggs. This workout is all muscle endurance so last thing you will want is to feel heavy.

 Jog for 5 minutes
* Lunge twist
* Leg swings
* Shoulder mobility
* Stretch out wrists and get mobile front rack position
* 5-10 thrusters (have good front rack with each one and stay on heels)
* 10 Kettlebell swings


Thrusters: Unless you are some freak of nature (Rich Froning) then stick to breaking up the thrusters and not hitting failure. Here is my goal if I were to re-do:

5/4 (UB)
6 (UB)
3 (UB)

Burpees: Make sure you are not jumping to far over the bar. DO a burpee, stand up, walk towards bar then jump. Do not make long jumps to overdo this workout and burn out early.

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