Well, how did you do?


Today marks the 6 month point for the year and we are halfway through with 2013. Did you achieve what you wanted? Did you achieve more than expected?

I love this part of the year as I like to take time off and reflect on how I did with my goals in the beginning of the year and if that was congruent with my purpose.

If you do not know my purpose it is to lead, inspire, and empower my community to live a proactive life through the principles of chiropractic.

After spending some time reviewing what has been accomplished this year I feel very satisfied and ready for the 2nd half.

The key to reviewing your year is looking at different categories and then laying out goals based on those categories. I call it the 6 P’s and they should all be congruent with your purpose. Below I give you 7 steps you can take right now to create an abundant and amazing 2013. The goal is to complete these by July 1 but try and finish them as soon as possible.

I would love to hear what is going great for you in your life so if you feel comfortable please send me your goals for the 2nd half and what you have accomplished in the first half of the year.

7 Steps to an Amazing Part 2 Of 2013

Step 1: Grab a blank sheet of paper.

Step 2: Go somewhere quiet and define your purpose in life. Write it out on the top of the page.  I believe all of us were put on Earth with a specific purpose and we were intended to fulfill that purpose. If you are having trouble then you can use Google to help you write out a purpose statement.

Sep 3: Create a minimum of 2-3 clear goals for the following categories: People, Professional, Play, Personal, and Prosperity. 

Step 4: Write below each goal the date it will be accomplished.

Step 5: Write what are you willing to give up to achieve this goal. Ex: Less time on Facebook, less TV watching, etc

Step 6: What are 2-3 action steps you are willing to take for each goal to achieve it?

Step 7: Review these goals every morning and watch them unfold and become true. I like to print them out and put on my bathroom mirror. Wherever your focus goes energy flows! Put your focus into yourself and watch the energy be created to give you your greatest life.


Purpose – Lead, empower, and inspire my community to live a proactive life through the principles of chiropractic. To be a best friend to my wife.

PEOPLE: Goal: Date night with my wife at least once a week
By When: July 1 – Dec 31
Action Steps: Plan out months date nights a month before.
Have wife put them in her calendar 1 month before
Willing to Give Up: Instead of going to gym at night will go in AM

PROFESSIONAL: Promotions you want to get? Places you want to work? Major tasks completed in your line of work?

PERSONAL:  Seminars you want to attend? Healthier lifestyle patterns you want to add? PS  – Seeing the chiropractor regularly would fall under this category

PLAY: Trips you want to do? Activities you want to plan?

PROSPERITY: How much you want to save? How much you want to earn? Did you buy a new car or buy a new house?