Tight neck? Tight Upper back? Weak back? Could be upper cross syndrome

Tight psoas? Tight lower back? Weak core? Weak glutes? Could be lower cross syndrome

If any of the pictures above represent you which the odds are “Yes” then please pay attention. In today’s World where weak posture is not only common in adults but in children it is unfortunate to see how many people think this is OK. Posture is the window to our spine and nervous system and the weaker our posture then the weaker our nervous system ultimately indicating weaker health.

There is hoards of research constantly being pummeled out of the pipeline sharing how proper posture is crucial to overall health and how the nervous system functioning well is vital to quantity and quality of life. Recently an article came out describing how forward posture can decrease lung capacity by 30% which increases the risk for cardiovascular problems. Another paper showed how for every inch forward the head moves creates an additional 10 pounds of stress on the upper back and double that on the lower back. Posture is our lifeline and the more we care for it whether we have pain or not then the better health it will generate to us.

I have made a commitment to improve everyone in my offices health no matter what it takes which is why we are committed to free newsletter and free workshops. Next week we have a workshop that can make a significant impact on your health by fixing the problems in the pictures above and restoring posture.

If you plan on attending please register HERE as seating is VERY limited. Please only register if you can 100% attend and guests are encouraged as we will be working in partners.

Also, if you plan on attending BE SURE to buy either 2 lacrosse balls at Dick’s Sporting Goods or go HERE and get the 2 therapy balls (Highly recommended). Make sure to bring these to the class so please order them ASAP.

We will be taking you through the following 8 steps to maximize your posture and help you feel and be your best.

Upper Cross Release Technique

1) Strengthen the deep neck flexors (Core around the neck that holds up cervical curve AKA Arc of Life)
2) Strengthen rhomboids (Muscles that help you stand more upright)
3) Release upper trapezius (Tight upper back where most people say “carry tension”)
4) Release pec muscles (Rounded posture increases tension in chest)

Lower Cross Release Technique

5) Strengthen abdominals
6) Release erector spinae (muscles that hold up spine)
7) Release psoas (Main hip flexor)
8) Strengthen glutes

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