In roughly two weeks you will have the opportunity to take part in 2nd Annual Atlanta’s Top Health Fair. As many of you remember we held our first one December 15 and based on everyone’s positive feedback we have brought is back. What inspires are about this health fair is that it is exactly what we say a “health fair”.

What I mean by this is many of you have been to numerous company health fairs, got your “numbers” checked from your MD, had your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, gotten flu shots, but have not taken part in what is considered a true health fairs. Most of the tests  performed in this screenings are outdated and performed by looking at the body from the outside-in. They are done to check if you need to be put on medication the rest of your life but are not being performed proactively.

The vendors we will have at our Health Fair represent the healthiest companies and are done by looking at the body holistically and from the inside out. Below are a list of each vendor and please read the description of WHY they are being invited. One of our clients got his life saved because of the thermography scan he had done and another client told me her friend found out she had breast cancer at 32 years old and is making sure she gets scanned this time.

You and I get one body that was given to us in a perfect design from the second it was born and how we take care of it now determines how it will perform in the future. Pain, cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes, ADD, and many other lifestyle problems in today’s World do not need to happen so please come out and bring guests to help our practice create a healthier community that our children can grow up in.


  • Cohen Chiropractic Centre – We will be performing complimentary posture and nerve scan assessments on your friends, family, and co-workers. For all those people that keep telling you “I really need to see your chiropractor” or for the ones you know who NEED to be in our office then this is a great opportunity to bring them by. We will be doing assessments every 15 minutes beginning at 8:00 AM so please let us know who you will be bringing.
  • Mobile Thermography – This service is being brought back to the office for our health fair for 2 main reasons. The first is the people who did it in December get to find out their baseline. The second is for all of you who did not do it in December need to take advantage of this service. You especially need to take advantage of this if you are a female between the ages of 25-45 and have a history of cancer. I have WAY to many young people coming into the office telling me either they have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a friend they know who was diagnosed. This is a terrible disease I hope nobody ever has to suffer with and having Mobile Thermography check your breasts is a great proactive tool. Please read this article and let us know which time you would like to book.

Article About Thermography:

  • Edesia Meals – For those of you who came to our Paleo Cooking Class you got to try some of Chef Veronica’s amazing food and for those that did not here is your opportunity. Chef Veronica has a paleo meal delivery service which I order from regularly as the meals are super healthy and convenient for people with a busy schedule.
  • Beyond Organic – Beyond Organic has been part of the practice for the past year and many of you have even done the 3 Day Suero Cleanse. Their company founded by NY Times Best Selling Author Jordan Rubin exemplifies everything my practice stands for which is service, health, and a better World. They will have reps there sampling some of their food and will be running specials this day for certain food packages. They have recently repackaged their raw cheese and it is so much better and easier to eat.
  • Standard Process –  For the past 5 months my wife and I have been taking the General Health Packets which are our daily vitamins and this is the first time I have noticed a difference in taking supplements. Standard Process is a company that has been around for over 70 years and their claim to fame is their whole food based vitamin Catalyn. If any of you have specific issues such as depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, or any other problem well you can get checked to see if their supplements can benefit you naturally.

  • Body Fat Assessments – Outside the practice we will be brining out Bali who has been checking my body fat percentages every 6 months. Too many people focus on weight and BMI for their health but his hydrostatic tests can accurately tell you not only your weight but body fat percentage. He will review your numbers and tell you how much you need to workout and how much to eat to achieve your goals. If yu do not know your numbers then it is crucial to get this checked. He only charges $25 and the sign up sheets will be at the office.

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