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Best Time to Start Chiropractic Care

When many people first visit our office they’re in shock at the average age of our patients. Most people are expecting to walk into an office full of older people with back and neck pain, but not expecting to walk into an office of young, healthy people. We do take care of many people that are in the baby boomer generation but most of our patients choose to be “proactive” and are in their 20’s to 40’s. So, perhaps you wondering about the best time to start chiropractic care? We will discuss the topic in this article!

Starting BEFORE the Pain

Speaking of our patient base, this younger generation chooses to get adjusted and see a chiropractor BEFORE pain happens and a problem becomes worse. Many of our patients have seen the suffering their parents and grandparents have gone through with drugs and surgery and want to prevent that route at all costs.

When it comes to any disease, including osteoarthritis of the spine, the process can be stalled with proper care. Similar to taking care of your teeth before they rot or eating clean before you become overweight, many people younger people in Atlanta tend to take care of their spine early before it becomes too spine.

What’s A Good Time to Start Seeing A Chiropractor?

The human spine was designed to last. When kept in proper biomechanics, the spine can go strong for 120 years. Unfortunately, the spine often shifts out of alignment and stays this way for years since people do not seek chiropractic care. Only a trained corrective chiropractor can retrain the spine to go back to normal once it reaches this level.

To give you a comparison, I like to use the example of a care and it’s alignment. The longer you go without taking it to a mechanic for an alignment, the faster your tires wear out and the sooner you find yourself breaking out the wallet to replace them.

Unfortunately, with the human spine, once it wears out then there is little that can be done to reverse course. It’s essential to make sure you’re in alignment before it becomes too late. This not only prevents wear and tear to the vertebrae but also keeps the body functioning optimally. When the spine is in its proper alignment the brain and spine communicate more effectively with little pressure.

Get Involved

Did you start chiropractic care young? Leave a comment below with age you, or your children, started chiropractic care!