What is the name of your business and what is its function?

Our business is Catalyst Fitness. To the general public we offer One on One Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training on Demand, Yoga, Massage, and Corporate Wellness Programs. Our Small Group Personal Training on Demand is unique in that your session begins when you arrive and ends when you complete the workout, rather than starting and ending at a predetermined time. This allows members to fit in a workout that works perfectly with their schedule. For example, if you are 5 minutes late for an Orange Theory or Blast class, you’re stressing out trying to get there and not interrupt the class. Or if you are 15 minutes late you’d probably decide to just not go if they haven’t already given up your spot since they over sold the class. Our On Demand model eliminates the stress of being late or missing the class completely because the workout doesn’t start until you arrive. It also allows us to keep our Group Training “Personal” by regressing and progressing movement patterns (aka exercises) to meet the individual goals and needs of the participant. On the Industry side, our educational team speaks at and conducts conferences, clinics, and workshops all over the world. We write educational platforms for equipment companies and curriculums for educational organizations. By educating and training thousands of trainers each year, we are able to impact the lives of millions of people around the world.



Dr. Samaira utilizing the ViPR during her one-on-one training at Catalyst Fitness.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

Catalyst Fitness opened its doors in 2004 as a brick and mortar facility. Our owners, Bill and Valorie Sonnemaker, have lived in Atlanta for over 20 years and have long considered it their home. They have two kids, ages 11 and 2, and love being an integral part of Buckhead and the surrounding communities.

What do you like most about Atlanta?

We love the slow and smooth pace of the South and the small town feel with the big city options. Atlanta is steeped in Southern charm, but it’s balanced by the buzz of a Metro culture. Its central geographic location and easy access to the airport are also a big plus given our frequent national and international travel for industry conferences and engagements.

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?

SCIENCE…At Catalyst Fitness, we have developed an evidence based approach to health and fitness that is systematic, progressive, and scalable. We use methods that are founded in and backed by science, following a specific system and order that progresses in intensity and challenge for the individual, and that is scalable to every individual’s specific needs. We provide clients the results they want while addressing their biomechanical needs in order to achieve optimal functionality in the safest and shortest amount of time possible.

Who is you ideal client?

We value clients who recognize the difference of what we offer as compared to others. Our ideal client is educated and discerning. They want the best for themselves, and they recognize who offers the best in the industry and why.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?

We are the authority on health and fitness. What we do today with clients is what others in the Atlanta area will do with their clients in 5-8 years. For example, we were the first to bring TRX, Trigger Point Therapy, and ViPR training tools to Georgia, and we continue to stay at the forefront of health and fitness by working with new and innovative companies as well as educational companies. We have won more international and national industry and popularity awards that any other facility in the Southeast and are home to the 5X winner of Atlanta’s Best Personal Trainer, Bill Sonnemaker, and Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) Trainer of the Year, Valorie Sonnemaker