Can Chiropractic Help a Herniated Disc

Can Chiropractic Help a Herniated Disc

We find that people often freak out when they find out they herniated a disc. A lot of these people then run straight to the MD for medical procedures. But did you know that chiropractic can help a herniated disc?

While there are the instance of herniations caused by car accident, slip and fall, or other trauma, disc herniations commonly happens over time. Similar to how the heart takes time before it develops into heart disease, discs can take only so much stress before they eventually herniate.

They’re Like Jelly Doughnuts…

I like to compare discs to jelly doughnuts. Jelly doughnuts have a fluid center, and if you step on the doughnut fluid comes out. Discs are much like this jelly doughnut in that when you put too much stress on a disc, fluid will eventually come out.

The key to treating herniated discs is being proactive and taking care of your body before it happens. A tool that you could use along with your chiropractor, before the herniation or while the disc is herniated, is a wobble chair.

Dr. Bernini did research and found that full range of motion exercises for between 5 – 8 minutes were essential for daily metabolic interchange. He also found this important to the disc in that it helped uptake nutrition as well as eliminate waste products to maintain hydrated discs, ligaments, and tendons.

Our office prides ourselves on being the best structural chiropractors, below is a picture of wobble chairs in our facility for patients to use to improve their disc health.

Wobble Chair

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Have you ever asked yourself, can chiropractic help a herniated disc? Perhaps you’ve received care from a chiropractor or MD for a herniated disc? We’d love to hear your story either way, please leave comments below!