This morning when I woke up I heard the pollen count has skyrocketed to over 2,500. CBS this morning posted an article that stated “Experts predict this will be the one of the worst allergy seasons on record.”. With that said it becomes a matter of if you want to do something about it or do you want to keep taking chemicals to mask it forever?

Right now tree pollen is through the roof and many of you are going to be walking around sneezing, runny noses, congestion, cough, watery eyes, and itchy throat. If you experience even 1 one of these symptoms then you know your body’s internal environment is having a hard time adapting to the external environment. Follow these 3 simple tips to kick out allergies this spring season.

Most people will notice symptoms and say “What can I do to TREAT that or get rid of this symptom”. Instead the questions should be “How can I raise my body’s ability to adapt to the external environment and become a powerhouse against pollen”.

A lot of people come in to our office in March-April on the drug Zyrtec as their tool for pollen season. What is bad is they are using a chemical substance to artificially allow their body to not express symptoms. Maybe these symptoms are a way of telling you something inside is not right?

What I am going to focus on today is the top 3 things someone can do naturally to beat allergies. The reason why I am sharing this is because over the past couple years we consistently get hoards of adults and kids that are dependent on some allergy medicine and over time through chiropractic they notice their symptoms going away.


Here are the top 3 natural ways to beat allergies:

1) Check Your Nervous System

As I said earlier, over the past couple years most of our referrals at this time come because many of their friends are getting off drugs and noticing significantly less allergy symptoms. This happens because in our stressful World whether it is through sitting in front of a computer for hours, working out with poor form, excessive traveling, eating non-nutrient dense foods, or being emotionally stressed we can compromise our nervous system. Our nervous system made up of the brain, spine, and nerves controls and coordinates ALL function in the human body.

The healthier we keep our nervous system and the less stress on it then the better we are at adapting to the external environment. Many people think that in order for there to be stress on the nervous system there must be pain. In fact a person could have significant stress on their nervous system with zero pain just like they could have Stage 3 cancer and have zero symptoms. The key is make sure you have a chiropractor on your team regularly that checks your spine for interference and determines if there is blockage from the brain down the spine and out the nerves.

2) Load Up on Omega 3’s 

Omega 3’s as many of you have seen in your fish oil, tuna oil, or krill oil are packed with a punch to help reduce inflammation in the body. As pollen keeps soaring it is crucial we are on the right brand of Omega 3 and taking the correct dosage to reduce inflammation. When pollen counts are through the roof you want to up your dosage to between 2,000-3,000 mg. We recently placed an order of Tuna Oil from Standard Process so please reply if you would like us to hold a bottle of this high quality Omega 3.

3) Load up On Vitamin D3

The next supplement that will be crucial and is very low in a lot of people right now is Vitamin D3. The primary source of this is in the sun but if you are experiencing many symptoms from allergies then you most likely do not want to be outside. Over the past 4-5 months many of us have been indoors because of the cold weather so our body’s are deficient in this vital nutrient that can affect over 2,000 genes in the body. The key is to make sure you are getting D3 AKA Cholecalciferol and not getting it from processed products such as pasteurized milk from grain-fed cows. The amount of vitamin D3 to take right now should be between 60-90 ng/l. Please let us know as well if you would like a bottle of these as we ordered these with the Tuna Oil.

By implementing all 3 steps, you are giving your body a much better shot at beating allergies and living an super-charged pollen season. Don’t forget your regular visit to chiropractor for prevention or ease of your allergy!


I have become very inspired by many of you recently as you have been eating more healthy, working out more, being more positive, and keeping your adjustment schedules. In a World where marketing is heavy into unhealthy food, living a sedentary lifestyle, being negative, and taking meds, many of you have begun to make “Being Healthy” part of you and it is now becoming your lifestyle. I remember a few years back my mentor said “Winners are willing to do what losers are not”. I commend all of you on being different and taking up a healthy lifestyle as this is not the norm in our society.

The area where I want to review today that many of you are still not doing is about hydration and the vital importance of it. This is something my wife and I have recently implemented into our lives as we recently invested in an alkaline water machine for the office. We have noticed a huge difference in our energy and health from drinking this water and many of you have shared this as well.

The human body is designed to be 60-70% water but unfortunately most people are dehydrated and not drinking enough clean water. This can cause a host of problems as the body depends on a clean, fresh supply of water throughout the day.

Being dehydrated can affect your hormones, so if you are someone trying to lose weight then sometimes a cup of water could help drop those pounds. This happens because our body can confuse hunger for thirst so when you feel hungry really your body may just need some water instead of overeating.

On April 17th we have Dr. Joe Hudak, who is an expert in health, coming to the office to share about hydration. He will also be testing your water to see if the water you drink is healthy and what the pH level is so make sure you bring the water you most commonly drink. We will also be giving out cards that will allow you to fill up a gallon of our water for 2 weeks. Dr. Hudak will also be giving everyone who attends a BPA-Free 1 gallon jug of alkaline water at his expense.

Register Here: Change Your Water, Change Your Life

Here are 4 simple steps to stay hydrated:

1) Get a 1 Gallon Jug – Go to Amazon or any grocery store and get a 1 gallon water jug that is BPA Free. The key is to fill it up daily and drink that throughout the day. We will be giving everyone a free one at our water workshop so make sure to come to that on April 17th at 6:30 PM. By drinking 1 gallon of water throughout the day you are getting 128 ounces which is plenty to hydrate the body for 1 day. The standard is to drink half your body weight in ounces for the day. Example: I weigh 180 pounds so everyday I should be drinking a minimum of 90 ounces of water. Here is a link to a jug I found on Amazon: 1 Gallon Water Jug

2) Go Alkaline – Most of the water all of us drink daily contains fluoride, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals that are foreign agents to our body. There have been studies that have showed traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply and in Philadelphia they found 56 different drugs in their water. This is very low regulated by government and this is why I am bringing the expert, Dr. Joe Hudak to do demos on water and show us exactly what is in YOUR water. I highly recommend investing in an alkaline water machine as it not only cleans the water but it can change the pH levels to be more congruent with your body. The water machine we bought for the office was only $1/day and I truly feel will pay dividends as the years go on. I have actually noticed we are saving money as we don’t buy bottles water anymore. “The best investment is the one in yourself”

3) Drink Room Temperature Water – Now that you are drinking a gallon of alkaline water every day the next step is to make this water room temperature. If you think back to when we were hunters and gatherers the water we drank was not refrigerated or drowning in ice. We would gather gallons of water and they would sit in tents or whatever else the hunters and gatherers built for homes. When we drink cold water it slows down digestion and our body has to work hard to make this water warm so it can go through the body. To get the best bang for your buck drink room temperature water at all times especially during meals.

4) Add Lemon to Your Water – The final step to staying healthy and hydrated would be to add some lemon to your water. In my e-book I talk about how every morning it is great to drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon in the glass to help energize and wake up your body. Lemon has many anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make a great addition to your food but especially water upon rising. It also helps to alkalize the body and keep the pH balanced.



In addition to hindered fat loss, one of the most common misconceptions is that drinking water cause water retention. The truth is the exact opposite. Lack of water causes water retention. The reason for this is that the body perceives the shortage when it is provided with less than it needs thus causing what is commonly referred to as “survival mode”, retaining every least drop that it can.


Water is not only a natural appetite suppressant, but it actually helps the body metabolize stored fat. When the body does not have a good supply of water to draw from to perform required physiological tasks, it will draw water from inside the bodies cells, including fat cells, in order to perform the desired tasks.


This past Tuesday night we held our 21 Day Mental Detox workshop where I showed everyone 5 simple steps to begin to rewire the brain for happiness. In a World where the news, radio, and TV focuses primarily on negative information it is crucial we wire the brain for positivity and happiness. There are too many people walking around who have been brainwashed from these media outlets believing people are bad, the economy is bad, the World is going to blow up, body symptoms are ok, processed foods are not that bad, and the list could go on. Unfortunately people are taking this on to dictate and determine their happiness but little do they know that this is a small percentage.

This World of media and other resources is scientifically proven to dictate only 10% of someones long term happiness. The 90% of happiness comes from how the BRAIN process this information. As Shawn Anchors says so eloquently “It is not the reality that shapes us but the lens through which our brain views the World that shapes our reality and if we can change our lens then we can change our happiness.”

For us to change this lens we detox and flush out all the garbage between the ears by doing the 5 following steps for the next 21 days.

5 Steps to Happiness


1) Attitude of Gratitude

Write out 3 things you are grateful for. This has you scan for what is positive in the World and begin to rewire your brain for positivity.

2) Journaling

Write out 1 success that has happened within 24 hours. This allows you to look book in your life and see how successful you are.

3) Exercise

This begins to create behavioral changes and shifts for the body to start working out more and making lifestyle changes. More importantly it begins to create a healthier YOU.

4) Meditate

In a World where people cannot focus for more than 2 seconds this begins to slow down the brain to help you concentrate more and focus. I recommend downloading the Podcasts app on your phone and download the Chopra Center podcasts for guided meditations.

5) Random Acts of Kindness

Do 1 thing a day for someone else.


Bottomline, we live in a STRESSFUL World!

There are more stressors in today’s society whether physically, chemically, or emotionally that constantly bombard us many times every hour. Whether it is through the news, television, newspaper, radio, co-workers, friends, family, jobs, diet, drinks, computers, texting, or many other factors WE live in a stressful World.

Got it?

The question is, will you become a victim to this society and  way of thinking or will you break free from this and create an ABUNDANT future for yourself?

Tonight (March 12th @ 6:30 PM) I will be reviewing 5 simple steps you can implement NOW that take 2 minutes and can completely reprogram your brain in 21 days. Our brains are built and hardwired for success, health, and happiness and sometimes we need a reboot to get it right back on track. Tonight’s workshop has been researched and proven many times to rewire and reboot your brain to help you handle and adapt to the daily amounts of stress. This workshop  is for you if you have goals of:

* Living in the present!
* Comparing yourself to YOUR goals not others!
* Becoming more present!
* Being more positive!
* Having more success in financial. family, and friendships!
* Not worrying about what others think!

Guests are welcome and in order to attend you must register by CLICKING HERE.


Last week we received news that a very important tool to help correct scoliosis has finally arrived to the states. This device is known as a Scoliroll and is designed to correct scoliosis in conjunction with chiropractic care. We recently took a stress x-ray of one of our clients and the top view is what her x-ray looked like before she started chiropractic and the one below is what it looked like with the Scoliroll under her spine. Pretty cool, eh? She will lie on this roll 2x/day for 20-25 minutes and after 60 days we will take another x-ray to confirm the structural changes.

Many of you are on the Denneroll and if not then please see let me know if this is something you would be interested in. We have them for the low back and neck to create structural correction in the spine which is huge for long term care.

Why is this such a big deal?

Everyday people are in pain from the amount of pressure on the nerves due to scoliosis and more commonly suffering with forward head posture. Beyond the pain which is 10% of the problem (even they think it’s more) their nervous system is shutting down and their organs are not recieving proper nerve supply from the brain.

It is very common that someone with a scoliosis will suffer with digestive problems and some form of reproductive issues.

It is very common that someone who has bad forward head posture suffers with migraines, allergies, asthma, sinuses, and sometimes high blood pressure. What is sad about this case is unfortunately the problem started when they were a kid and were a colicky baby then suffered with ear infections then had asthma and finally developed headaches/migraines.

This is not coincidental but it is how the nervous system works as when there is stress on it peoples lives are at stake and their quality and quantity of life is being jeopardized . Everyone thinks they are invisible until one day something happens and their life is turned upside down. There is hoards of research to prove how chiropractic enhances quality of life and any stress on the nervous system creates health problems long term. Think we feel the problem in the beginning or end stages?

Unfortunately I had to watch my closest uncle who I regularly hung out with and fished with take his own life because of a failed medical system and how much pain he continued to have. I see patients who have gone down this path and have been victims of this failed model and now have multiple pieces of metal in their back keeping them.

I am so passionate for many reasons but more so now because of 2 reasons:

1) A client of ours who came to my office mid-last year announced to me last week she will be getting neck surgery. She waited until last year before finally seeing a chiropractor and now she is already in Phase 3 degeneration with multiple levels of arthritis. It is very upsetting to me because out of all the people she associates with on a daily basis not too many of them suggested chiropractic before this even happened. Had a friend told her to at least get checked by a chiropractor to see if there is a problem before pain then this situation could not be happening. I am committed now more than ever to making sure people get their spines checked similar to how they get their teeth, prostate, liver, and heart checked. (What always confuses me is people get those checked before their spine yet the spine controls every single one of those parts.)

2) I am so sick and tired of watching people come into the office that were lied to about needing surgery for scoliosis and are still I pain. There is SO much that can be done to correct a scoliosis and putting kids under the knife to fuse it together only creates long term problems. Even if it is not a scoliosis kids need chiropractic more than anyone as they are constantly playing sports, sleeping in crazy positions, and carrying heavy bookbags. Personally my child will be checked for subluxation every 14 days and it is essential we start our youth off right with a healthy functioning nervous system. Why is your spine and nervous system more important than your child’s?

I know today I sound very passionate but I speak from the heart and come from a loving place. I want my children to grow up in a World of unsubluxated people who have healthy spines and a clear connection from the brain down the spine and out to the nerves. I have noticed that once people begin and commit to chiropractic then they start taking on other healthy habits for their life. For example, you’re more likely to care for a Ferrari than you are a Ford Pinto.

Please pass this newsletter on to someone you care about and have them use the coupon at the bottom of our newsletter.

This past Friday, I went over to my friend, Dr. David Jockers office for some catching up and bonding time.

He was going to make me lunch and since he knows that I am paleo, I figured I would be receiving a chicken salad, burger, or something else along the cavemen diet. Instead, he made me a pudding that was delicious, super healthy, and simple to make.

The pudding was packed with good fats for metabolism, a super-food to regulate hormones, and grass-fed whey for great protein. I wanted to share this healthy lunch recipe with you as I am making it a few more times this week.

If you would like to find some other recipes, please download our new app from the app store in your phone called Cohen Chiropractic. Let me know if you downloaded it so we can give you a ticket into a drawing for a 1-hour massage.


Image credit to


Chocolate Hormone Pudding

This recipe includes putting 3 ingredients into a blender and the way you have it right is when it tastes good. Here is how I usually make it:

1) 2-3 Avocados


2) 1 scoop Stronger, Faster, Healthier – Daily Balance (Chocolate)


This protein is by far the best in the market and gold standard for many Crossfit athletes. We just started carrying it as the whey is from grass-fed cows and there are no sugar, additives, or soy. If you have a protein powder now, let’s have a look at the ingredients and if you do not have a protein powder you take then this one is a must!

Available for purchase  at our office!


3) 1/2 cup Cacao with Maca


Maca is a tuber similar to a potato. Maca is well known for its ability to stimulate hormones and help keep them regulated. In todays World with low T levels and complete hormonal imbalances this super-food is essential.

Order this from Amazon.Com!



Get Involved!

So What do you think of our healthy lunch recipe? Try our this easy to do chocolate hormone pudding and let us know in the comments below if you like it!

If you’re interested in learning more of our healthy recipe and functional nutrition, click the button below for more information! Be sure to checkout this helpful article for nutrition too.


As today marks my 31st birthday, I wanted to share 31 lessons I have learned and how they have played an integral role in my life. I feel truly honored to have learned so many valuable principles in such a short time and I believe it was so I could expand my mission to the whole community.

I sat down for a while to truly think how I am living my life and these concepts were the ones that came to my head. There are times when I may not 100% be being in action with all of these principles but my life is committed towards working on them.

I would love to hear your feedback on these and if you have any principles that should be shared. Please comment below.

 31 Lessons I’ve Learned in 31 Years

1) Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

2) #1 Trait of All Successful People is Decisiveness

3) The body is a self healing, self regulating, and self  organizing system

4) The Nervous System is the Master Control System

5) Never Worry About What Other People Think About People

6) There is NO Scarcity of ANYTHING in This World, Only Abundance

7) Winners are Proactive in EVERY Aspect of Their Life

8) Always Come From a Place a Love

9) The Only Recessions are the Ones You Buy Into

10) All Processes Require Time: Financial, Health, Business, Relationships, Etc

11) Interference to the Nervous System Can Shut Down Life in the Body

12) Creating a Holy Hour Creates a Vacuum For Success

13) Create Life SYSTEM (Save Yourself Some Time Energy Money)

14) Never Judge Anyone

15) Life is Not About Me but We

16) Honor My Word

17) We Will Not Get Buried With Our Money

18) TV and Newspaper = Negative Energy

19) The Body Vibrates at the Level We Create For It

20) If the Germ Theory Was True We Would All Be Dead

21) Live Life With an Attitude of Gratitude

22) When Something Goes Wrong it Becomes a Lesson

23) We Have the BEST Pharmacy Inside

24) Best Investment is in Yourself

25) You Cannot Serve Others Until You Help Yourself

26) You are 100% Responsible For Your Life

27) There Are no Coincidences

28) The Best Time to Plant an Oak Tree Was Yesterday

29) Exercise is More About Quality Than Quantity

30) Great People Take Great Care of Themselves

31) We Are An Average of the 5 People We Associate With

Here are the stats:

  • 600,000 people die in America from heart disease.
  • More than half of the deaths are males.
  • 65% of the people had ZERO symptoms prior to the attack.
  • USA ratio is 106.5 deaths out of 100K have heart attacks. In Japan, it’s 30 out of 100K.

This is a major issue for our country especially since we rank number 1 in expenditures for healthcare. We keep spending more money on healthcare than any other country but we keep getting sicker. Currently healthcare in the USA is 17.9% of the GDP which is far more than any other country.

When people talk about the economy getting stronger and recovery I feel the best asset is to get people healthier. Not through mammograms, cholesterol checks, blood pressure screenings, or other early detection devices but through TRUE healthcare such as nutrition, fitness, chiropractic, proper mental attitude, adequate sleep, and love.

There are three categories where we can truly maximize heart health: Nutrition, Fitness, and Love.

There are places around the World that are called Blue Zones which represent the healthiest communities where more people live to be over 100. Those communities are: Okinawa, Sardinia, Nicoya, Icaria, and the 7th Day Adventists in Loma Linda, CA.

In anything in my life I always want to strive for greatness and the best way to get there is to stand on the shoulders of giants. Success leaves clues and by doing what winners do then your odds of living a great life increase exponentially.

If you want to be rich and have money then you don’t want to hire a poor financial planner, if you want to have a happy marriage then you don’t hire a relationship coach who has been divorced 5 times, if you want to hire a health coach then you don’t hire a doctor who only deals with sick people and prescribes medicine, and if you want a successful life then you don’t hire a life coach that is on the verge of suicide and loaded up with anti-depressants.

We are going to follow some of the trends these communities do and for more info watch this 22 minute video on How to Live to Be 100.

Below are the top 3 recommendations for building a massive heart muscle and drastically reducing your risk of heart disease (or any lifestyle disease).

1. De-Inflame the Heart

Many of you know that I currently eat paleo and can truly say this “way of eating” (not diet) has positively impacted my energy                  levels, physique, and overall health. This way of eating is not something you do for 1 day, 1 week,1 month, or even 1 year but something you do for life which would be true for anything healthy for you (working out, thinking positive, chiropractic, massages, meditations, etc). 

It is unfortunate how many people are put on medications their whole life and NEVER question their doctors but the instant someone says they have to do something healthy for themselves for their life that person usually questions.

The question then becomes, how does paleo work?

Before I even go through what paleo is and how it works there is an event at our office “Paleo Cooking Class” where we will be making 2 health paleo dishes. We will be making a chicken stir fry and paleo chocolate panna cotta. This class is limited to 40 people so make sure you register and let us know how many guests you will be bringing.

Paleo is based on the concept that for 90% of human existence we have been hunter and gatherers. This means that there is no processed food, sugar, grains, dairy, or legumes in the diet. The best description I found of paleo was on the Whole9Life website and below is what they wrote. If you would like a shopping list than please reply to this e-mail and I will send it to you.

 “I eat “real” food — fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit. I choose foods that are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition. And food quality is important — I’m careful about where my meat comes from, and buy produce locally and organically as often as possible.

 It’s not a low calorie “diet” — I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, my diet is probably much higher in fat than you’d imagine. Fat isn’t the enemy — it’s a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts. And I’m not trying to do a “low carb” thing, but since I’m eating vegetables and fruits instead of bread, cereal and pasta, it just happens to work out that way.

 Eating like this is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s been doing great things for my energy levels, body composition and performance in the gym. It also helps to minimize my risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack and stroke.”

2. Less = More in Exercise

In the Blue Zones where people live to be over 100 they are not constantly on treadmills, exercise bikes, or other machines that most people waste hours on. They are performing constant functional movements such as climbing mountains, walking through the hills, working the land, and generally using their bodies in a constant grind as they perform their daily activities. These movements are considered functional movements and would be parallel to crossfit training. In crossfit we are performing olympic lifts, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lots of other functional movements that keep us fit and adaptable to daily human movements. 

For someone who is looking to get really fit functionally, lose weight, and increase muscle mass then a great workout routine would be to perform Tabata training.

This training has you perform 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds break for a total of 8 rounds meaning the work lasts 4 minutes. Here is a virtual video to describe how to perform a 20 minute Tabata workout:

By doing this video 4 times per week I can almost guarantee you would get into the best shape of your life and feel amazing.

 3. Have Date Night Once a Week

As part of my goal setting exercises every October, one of the categories I create is tangible goals in the category of “People”. I make it a point to build certain relationships and one of the relationships is the one with my wife. 

This year I have made a concrete goal that no matter what happens in our schedules we will have a date night once a week. It is so easy to let the weeks go by without quality time with each other and this year I have made it a point to change that. Having regular date nights slow down the weeks and really gives me an opportunity to relax and take a break from .

This past Saturday night we went to watch “The Producers” and each week we have committed to spending one night with each other. This night creates  exponential growth in our relationship and brings us closer each time. I even feel it makes me much more present and focused in my professional life.

If you are in a serious relationship then I would recommend holding date night every week and if you are not in a serious relationship then make it a point to have 1 night a week where you go out with a friend or get put in some social setting.


If you have not turned on the TV or listened to the radio recently then you may not be aware but the media is non-stop talking about the flu. They are talking about how important it is to get vaccinated and it seems they are almost using scare tactics by showing us those bold red graphs.

Everyone has a choice on whether or not to get the vaccine but whether you get it or not you are still susceptible to getting sick. Unfortunately on Thursday night following work my body started to develop symptoms such as coughing, fever, chills, night sweats, and  headaches. I woke up Saturday morning literally only 36 hours later and felt like a million dollars without have taking any medicine or vaccines. I thought about what I did to help myself while I was sick compared to what most people do and wanted to share this.

I notice when most people get sick they stay indoors, take medicine, drink water, and tend to live more of a mechanistic life. Here is what my 36 hours looked like:

Thursday @ 6:30 PM – Left the office and filled up 2 gallons of alkaline water at pH of 9.5
Thursday @ 7:00 PM – Power Shot from Whole Foods that was ginger, lemon, cayenne, and wheatgrass
Thursday @ 7:30 PM – Ate dinner which was a Kale-Avocado Salad (kale, red onion, red bell pepper, and avocado). Kale has an ANDI score of 1,000 on a scale of 1 – 1,000. ANDI = Aggregate Nutrient Dense Index score (How dense food is with nutrients)
Thursday @ 8:30 PM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack. (If you are not taking this then you need to get a box. Amazing product)
Friday @ 7:30 AM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack.
Friday @ 8:00 AM – Went to R Thomas for a Big Bang Drink (lemon, ginger, apple), shot of ginger, and eggs with seaweed.
Friday @ 9:00 AM – Got my weekly chiropractic adjustment from a good friend (When you are sick this is the MOST important time to be adjusted. Your nervous system controls your immune system so you want that functioning at its highest level)
Friday @ 10:00 AM  – 60-minute massage with Monica Miller
Friday @ 11:30 AM – Soaked in a bath with oils for 30 minutes
Friday @ 12:00 PM – Laid in bed for a few hours to rest and drank tons of water
Friday @ 12:30 PM – Ate the rest of the kale avocado salad
Friday @ 2:00 PM  – Drank a cup of Monkey Picked Oolong tea from Teavana
Friday @ 5:30 PM – Went to Pho Dai Loi #2 for some Vietnamese soup. (Anecdotal trick towards kicking the flu)
Friday @ 7:00 PM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack.
Friday @ 8:30 PM – Took a shot of probiotics before bed
Friday @ 9:00 PM  – Went to bed

Saturday @ 6:00 AM – Woke up feeling great and had our busiest Saturday ever!

I share this day with you so many of you because when you begin noticing symptoms it is ESSENTIAL to do the things necessary to build your immune system. Yes, you should always be building your immune system through whole food nutrition, functional exercise, and a optimally functioning nervous system but you can still get sick.

If you find yourself developing symptoms then instead of diagnosing yourself and becoming a victim of that 4 letter word (SICK) start to take action. Here is the USA’s ranking in healthcare so either follow what everyone else does when they get sick and become this statistic or do something different and what the true healthy people are doing.


As the holidays become closer and closer many people will be scrambling for gifts for their friends, family, and co-workers. They will take a lot of the money they have made this year and put it towards something that will lose value or be forgotten in a couple months. Read more on what’s the best holiday gift ideas you can give not just to your friends but to your self too!

When I look back on my childhood (stop reading here Mom), I honestly do not remember the tangible gifts, toys, or clothes. What I do remember more than anything was actually being together. I remember my brother, sister, cousins, and I all around the fireplace as my grandfather would joke on us and pretend not to give us presents. I remember all our family getting together and the amount of fun we would have just being in each others presence. I would look forward every year to this day and thinking about it now I cannot remember 1 gift besides the gift of family.

What I would love for everyone to get present to this holiday season is what can we give that can create an impact. I am not only talking about our kids but our friends, co-workers, neighbors, mailman, cleaning service, etc. What gift can we give them that will keep on giving and be more of an investment rather than a cost. There are so many sick and unhealthy people that DO NOT know what true health is or how to achieve it. Most people think you can be healthy by being on a drug, most people think you are healthy if you are pain free, most people are reactive with their healthcare, and most people don’t get serious about their life until something dramatic happens to it.

You (most of you) know the truth about health, how to get there, where it comes from, and what you need to do. Whether you are in ACTION is a choice but you at least have the knowledge to make that change. Many of you have been with me long enough so you know how serious and passionate I can be about this topic.

To me, I will be giving people this year not just “stuff” but items that I feel can dramatically improve their health and ultimately life.



  • Buy them a referral card for a free spinal check-up
  • Offer to pay for their Initial Intensive Care, Corrective Care, or Wellness Care
  • Buy a spinal hygiene kit for them
  • Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow



  • Get them my new favorite vitamins from the front office: Daily Support Packets
  • Beyond Organic Gift Boxes (This is another favorite)
  • Whole Foods Gift Certificates
  • Invite them to our Health Fair on Saturday the 15th from 9 AM – 12 PM

Like my healthy gift ideas this Christmas? Please comment down below and share yours! You can also read tips on how not to get fat this Holiday season.

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