As someone in the healthcare industry that sees a lot of people from all walks of life everyday I find it fascinating the people who come to the office looking aged and the people who come to the office looking healthy. With roughly 100 trillion cells in our body that are constantly regenerating and replacing themselves it is vital that the blueprint in which these cells replace are from a healthier model. The number 1 factor I see when I look at people who look older than their age comes down to one common factor: stress. Stress from work, poor nutrition, over-training, relationships, and other factors that are rapidly aging their body.

Since we will all age and anti-aging is impossible (until Big Pharma finds a drug for that) then for now we will discuss 3 powerful strategies to aging prematurely.

Strategy 1 – Maximize Sulfur Intake

If you have ever studied “anti-aging” and looked into the research then most of it shows how beneficial sulfur intake will be to the body. Behind calcium and phosphorous, sulfur is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body which has been overlooked.  Sulfur is found in our muscles, skin, and bones and is also beneficial in keeping protein bonds strong. Within connective tissue and cartilage are proteins that have flexible sulfur bonds. As we age our connective tissue and cartilage lose its elasticity and people will notice their arms and legs becoming sagged, wrinkled skin, and tight joint muscles. People who eat food high in sulfur are increasing the likelihood of maintaining tough protein bonds to decrease their tissue from becoming sagged, wrinkles within the skin, as well as reduced pain from tight joints.

Doctor’s Point – In every meal I am always looking for ways to increase sulfur as my goal is to maintain the bonds with proteins and keep my skin tight. Here are the foods  I eat regularly that are high in sulfur: Kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, onion, organic pastured eggs, brussel sprouts, , raw cheese, raw grass-fed milk (Amasai). 

Strategy 2 – Get Adjusted

In the reactive World we live in most people tend to only seek chiropractic care when they have neck or back pain. Those who are forward thinkers and live a progressive and proactive life tend to understand the true value of chiropractic and maintaining a healthy nervous system. The brain and spine regulate and coordinate all function in the body and by ruining it with physical workouts, poor posture, sleeping improperly, and lack of maintenance can decrease the communication in the body. I have seen people who eat paleo or primal and work out regularly but they still have significant digestive problems because they had a scoliosis blocking the communication to the digestive tract. I am not saying chiropractic would cure their digestive problem however it would allow their body to function more properly and aid in the digestive process.

When it comes to premature aging the hallmark study for chiropractic came in 2005 with the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation (JVSR). The researchers looked at the level of antioxidants within the body for people who had long term chiropractic care (2 years +), short term chiropractic care, and people who have no chiropractic background. The antioxidant focus was on serum thiols which act to destroy free radicals within the body that speed up aging and show up due to stress. A 2003 study published by the Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine showed people with low serum thiol levels had increased sickness and disease. The study in JVSR studying chiropractic and serum thiols demonstrated that people who follow through with long term chiropractic have an increase in serum thiol levels. Chiropractor Dr. Christopher Kent explained: ‘Oxidative stress, metabolically generating free radicals, is now a broadly accepted theory of how we age and develop disease.’

‘Going through life,’ he adds, ‘we experience physical, chemical and emotional stress. These stresses affect the function of the nervous system. We hypothesized that these disturbances in nerve function could affect oxidative stress and DNA repair on a cellular level.’

‘Chiropractic care appears to improve the ability of the body to adapt to stress,’ concluded Kent.

Doctor’s Point – I have been regularly seeing a chiropractor for the past 8 years on a weekly basis. Our office in Atlanta focuses on structural correction meaning it finds where there is abnormal structure in the body and corrects it through specific and unique techniques. I went through this process my first 6 months under chiropractic care to correct the curves within my spine and now I show up for weekly maintenance check-ups which only take 5 minutes. If you are looking for a chiropractor that focuses on structural correction please place your zipcode in the comments section below.

Strategy 3 – Become a MVP

M – Meditate
V – Visualize
P – Purpose

As the technology era keeps progressing and more people sit in front of computers for hours upon hours at a time it is crucial to take time away and relax the body and mind. Some of us keep our body in a state of fight or flight and we wonder why we have difficult sleeping, anxiety, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and other symptoms associated with high levels of stress. A common piece I notice from many successful people that seem very relaxed is how they care for themselves and focus on MVP.

The first step would be meditating and actually calming the body and bringing it’s wave frequency down. This step is difficult for many people as they cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes nor clear their head for 5 seconds. My favorite technique is called Guided Meditation where I sit somewhere quiet, open up YouTube on my phone, put headphones in, and listen to a guided mediation for 5-10 minutes. There are many different ones on YouTube but type in exactly what you want and there is sure to be the right fit for you: guided meditation sleep, guided meditation prosperity, guided meditation relax, and guided meditation awake are a few examples you could use. 

The second step in the MVP process is visualizing. If you ask someone what they DO NOT want for their life they can usually give you a laundry list of things they are not looking for. However, when you ask what they do want very few can be crystal clear. Since the brain is great at seeing and attracting pictures I like to sit for a couple minutes after my meditation and visualize my day and exactly how I want it to show up. I want to see happy and healthy people coming to my office and referring friends and family, my staff excited and pumped to be there to change lives, heading to meals with my wife and discussing our day, building networks within my community of healthy and happy individuals, and powerful workout sessions of constant personal records (PR). Following the meditation I listen to an instrumental song that gets me fired up and allows me to visualize the amazingness that is going to happen in my day.

The final step of MVP is becoming crystal clear on your purpose and analyze your life to see if you are living it. Sit down for a couple hours and write out exactly what your purpose is and see how congruent you are in your daily life with this purpose. It can be difficult to write this out the first time so once you complete this step I would be happy to read it and make any comments. Also, if you would like to see mine as an example then I must first see yours to see how serious you are and then we can go from there. My e-mail is ACohenDC@gmail.com and I can be reached at any time. If you have already written yours it would be great if you can share it in the comments section below for others to have as a reference.

Doctor’s Point – Every morning I spend roughly 10 – 15 minutes getting my day started on the right foot and making sure I am in the right state of mind. If you have trouble remembering there are apps for the phone you can download that remind you of tasks you need to do before going to bed. My favorite is “Way of Life”


When it comes to discussing nutrition with a client, one of the largest misconceptions I run across as a healthcare provider is the excuse of “eating healthy is too expensive”. This statement is purely false and I would like to show you how eating healthy can be very inexpensive.

The first issue I have when it comes to eating healthy is many people are obsessed with the word “organic”. They feel if the product says organic then it must be healthy. This is completely false and one of the reasons why eating healthy can be expensive. For example, when I go to the grocery stores I will see people with a bill of $400 but they are buying organic oreos, organic animal crackers, organic pizza, organic donuts, etc. They think that by buying these products is healthy because it says organic. Anytime you are buying processed organic food it is going to be much more expensive than the non-organic but still creates a negative impact and drops a bomb of inflammation into your body. Would you feed organic oreos, donuts, or organic pizza to your dog? Why not? If your answer was because it will get sick then think about what that garbage does to the human body. Fortunately for dogs they feel it much faster but for humans we can adapt to those toxins for longer until they build up into some chronic disease.

In order to shop healthy at the grocery store on a budget there are certain steps that must be taken first so we can rule out certain foods.

Step 1: Ingredient List Understanding

One of the areas where I feel grateful to have learned at a young age is how to read ingredient labels and determine what is bad and good.  If the food is not a fruit or vegetable then I am going to look at the ingredient list no matter what the marketing on the front says. Here are items in food that you must stay away from and rule out of your grocery list. If you have some you would like to add please comment on this post so we can work together for a healthier community.

* High fructose corn syrup
* Corn syrup
* Fructose
* Modified corn starch
* Refined wheat flour
* Soy lecithin
* Soy protein isolate
* Aspartame
* Sucralose
* Glucose
* Canola oil


Step 2: What To Eat Organic and Non-Organic

When it comes to the food I choose to eat organic vs non-organic I primarily stick to the dirty dozen, meat, fish, and poultry. There are many foods that do not need to be eaten organic but if cost is irrelevant to you then feel free to buy everything organic. For those where cost is important then stick to the following foods being organic no if, and, or but’s.
1) Apples
2) Kale
3) Beef (100% grassfed: USDA organic)
4) Celery
5) Peaches
6) Strawberries
7) Blueberries
8) Nectarines
9) Bell peppers
10) Grapes
11) Lettuce
12) Cherries
13) Fish
14) Chicken (Cage free)

Now that we have our list of organic foods down and what foods to avoid we can go in to the grocery store with an educated mind. Here is an example of what our shopping experience looks like with some of the food we buy and where we buy it from:

Cohen Shopping List

Trader Joes
Boneless chicken breast – Comes in a 4 pack of freeze wrapped chicken
Grassfed Beef Patties – Comes in a 4 pack and still needs to be cooked
Raw Creamy Almond Butter – Great to dip celery or apples for a cheap breakfast
Premade beets – Comes in 4 beets premade and is great to add on a salad
Arugula – Great lettuce for the salad base
Shredded brussel sprouts
Raw blue cheese – Throw this into the salad with brussel sprouts, beets, chicken, and avocado
Himalayan sea salt

Whole Foods
Red bell pepper
Coconut water
Coconut oil

I want to give you 3 recipes of easy food to make that is very cost effective and super healthy.

Kale Avocado Salad
3 Avocado
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Red Onion
1 Stalk Kale

Cut up all ingredients and put into a bowl and mash up together.

Paleo Pancakes
4 Eggs
1 scoop flax meal
1 ripe banana
1 scoop raw creamy almond butter (Trader Joes)
Blueberries (optional)

Put all ingredients into a bowl and stir up as this will become your batter. Heat up a pan with coconut oil. Place the batter onto it and let it cook to your liking. If you like blueberries then feel free to add into the mix.

Quinoa Bowl
1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
Any veggies you want (jalapeno peppers, onions, mushrooms, squash, and zuchini)

Stir fry vegetables in pan with coconut oil. In pot put quinoa and water. Cover and wait for water to evaporate. Once the water has left the pot than throw all vegetables into a big bowl with quinoa. To season it use Bragg-Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil, himalayan sea salt, and oregano.

Eating healthy can be easy, inexpensive, and taste great as long as you follow many of the protocols outlined above. Please feel free to share any recipes you have that are cost effective and very healthy.

woman sleeping

Before I go in to discussing techniques to better sleep it is more important you get that almost all symptoms derive from the stress response.

The stress response is our bodies way of adapting to a situation and it should be a natural response that is a good thing. Unfortunately in our society most people live their life under stress whether it’s physical, chemical, or emotional stresses. In the wild, when you have animals being chased by their predators the animal which is the prey will be going through the stress response (fight or flight) while it is being chased. This is great as certain physiological responses will happen:

1) Blood pressure rises (you want to hurry and get away from someone chasing you)
2) Cholesterol increases
3) Blood sugar increases (your body needs more sugar when being chased)
4) Serotonin decreases (nobody cares about being happy under stress)
5) Decrease memory (remember cramming in college and not remember everything)
6) Digestion slows down (your body does not care about digesting food in times of stress)
7) Decrease immunity – (immunity will increase after fight or flight to help with the healing response)
8) Decrease sex drive (nobody cares about having sex under times of stress)
9) Melatonin decreases (you don’t want to sleep under stress)

These are many of the physiological stresses that occur while in fight or flight and chronically they lead to the MD drugging us for one of those symptoms. High blood pressure? Pills for that. Depression? More pills for that Diabetes? Drugs for that.

And what really frustrates me about almost all of these is that is that they can be helped naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. If we do things for our body that go to the CAUSE and not just treat the EFFECTS then we can truly living a life of reaching our max human potential.

Hours to Sleep

Now that you get the stress response it is important to learn how to get your best nights sleep. In the hunter and gatherer days the animals would spend the summers hunting and gathering massive food so they can prepare their body for the dark winter months. I truly feel the reason why we have more light in the summer was for that reason which means waking up earlier and staying up later will be ok during these months.

ACTION STEP: Go to timeanddate.com and type in your city to get the time of sunrise and sunset. The goal would be to fall asleep within an hour of this time so your body follows the natural rhythm of the sun.

Foods to Eat Before Bed

*Cherries – lower glycemic index and naturally release melatonin
* Grass-fed beef – for people looking to gain muscle mass it is great to eat beef before bed as it is a slow digesting protein.
* Sweet potatoes
* Water
* Whey protein

Best Positions/Mattresses/Pillows

Best Pillow – Tempurpedic Side Pillow
Best Mattress – iComfort
Best Position to Sleep – On back with pill under leg/on side with pillow between leg

Supplements for Better Sleep

Min-Tran – Stands for Mineral Tranquilizer and calms the nervous system and helps the body relax. Taking 3 capsules a night before bed helps shut down the body if it is fight or flight. Cost – $6/bottle

Cataplex G – This vitamin is made predominantly of B vitamins and helps calm the nervous system. It also helps the body with repair to increase cellular function. Cost – $11

Techniques to Crash

4 x 4 Breathing – Before bed breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe our for 4 seconds, and hold out for 4 seconds. Breathing helps to calm the nervous system which focuses on the cause.

Black Out – Turn the alarm clock around, put black tape on the cable tv light, and make sure there is no light in the room. Even the smallest light can block melatonin and not allow your body to sleep.

Listen to Sleep Meditation – One of my favorite things to do is go to YouTube.com and type in “guided sleep meditation”. Play this before you go to bed and I promise you be “lights out” before the meditation ends.

Remember, sleep is 1/3 of your life and people with poor sleep tend to have poor health. Follow these recommendations and keep increasing your bodys health potential and living the life of your dreams.

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Well, how did you do?


Today marks the 6 month point for the year and we are halfway through with 2013. Did you achieve what you wanted? Did you achieve more than expected?

I love this part of the year as I like to take time off and reflect on how I did with my goals in the beginning of the year and if that was congruent with my purpose.

If you do not know my purpose it is to lead, inspire, and empower my community to live a proactive life through the principles of chiropractic.

After spending some time reviewing what has been accomplished this year I feel very satisfied and ready for the 2nd half.

The key to reviewing your year is looking at different categories and then laying out goals based on those categories. I call it the 6 P’s and they should all be congruent with your purpose. Below I give you 7 steps you can take right now to create an abundant and amazing 2013. The goal is to complete these by July 1 but try and finish them as soon as possible.

I would love to hear what is going great for you in your life so if you feel comfortable please send me your goals for the 2nd half and what you have accomplished in the first half of the year.

7 Steps to an Amazing Part 2 Of 2013

Step 1: Grab a blank sheet of paper.

Step 2: Go somewhere quiet and define your purpose in life. Write it out on the top of the page.  I believe all of us were put on Earth with a specific purpose and we were intended to fulfill that purpose. If you are having trouble then you can use Google to help you write out a purpose statement.

Sep 3: Create a minimum of 2-3 clear goals for the following categories: People, Professional, Play, Personal, and Prosperity. 

Step 4: Write below each goal the date it will be accomplished.

Step 5: Write what are you willing to give up to achieve this goal. Ex: Less time on Facebook, less TV watching, etc

Step 6: What are 2-3 action steps you are willing to take for each goal to achieve it?

Step 7: Review these goals every morning and watch them unfold and become true. I like to print them out and put on my bathroom mirror. Wherever your focus goes energy flows! Put your focus into yourself and watch the energy be created to give you your greatest life.


Purpose – Lead, empower, and inspire my community to live a proactive life through the principles of chiropractic. To be a best friend to my wife.

PEOPLE: Goal: Date night with my wife at least once a week
By When: July 1 – Dec 31
Action Steps: Plan out months date nights a month before.
Have wife put them in her calendar 1 month before
Willing to Give Up: Instead of going to gym at night will go in AM

PROFESSIONAL: Promotions you want to get? Places you want to work? Major tasks completed in your line of work?

PERSONAL:  Seminars you want to attend? Healthier lifestyle patterns you want to add? PS  – Seeing the chiropractor regularly would fall under this category

PLAY: Trips you want to do? Activities you want to plan?

PROSPERITY: How much you want to save? How much you want to earn? Did you buy a new car or buy a new house?


How does nicer legs and a tighter rear sound in only 30 days?

I have a simple challenge for you to begin the second of the year and I would love to hear whether you are going to accept or deny this challenge.

I want to help you kickstart those goals and resolutions you made 6 months ago and reignite them for the 2nd half of the year.


The basic and most fundamental movement when it comes to the human body is squatting. We squat many times in a day from sitting at the table to eat, getting in our car, sitting on the toilet, bending down to pick things up, sitting at our desk at work, and other actions we take we get in that position. It is crucial we are good at this movement and also have built strength around it.

If you are looking to get superfit then keep Burst Training and do this challenge and get in great shape. Every person I know that has done this simple challenge has dropped a lot of weight and gotten more fit.


For the next 30 days follow this chart and DO NOT MISS A DAY. You CAN break up the squats so when you get to 200 you can do 100 in the AM and 100 in the PM. The squats can be done in your bedroom without any equipment and should not take to long depending on your fitness level. Whether you are in shape or overweight, doing squats helps release growth hormones and helps increase testosterone levels in males. This is huge as many males are getting diagnosed with low T levels and too many doctors are pushing pills down their throats.



Click Here to See Correct Form

Shoot me an e-mail back if you plan on doing this as I would be interested to see pre and post pictures.


Food is changing!

Believe it or not but the food industry is changing fast and unfortunately what used to be called food-by-Earth is quickly becoming food-by-man.

Every day in my car either on my way to work or on my way home I pass by a plane spraying chemtrails in the sky and polluting our beautiful ecosystem.

Enough is enough! If we do not get educated on the facts about whole food based nutrition then we are setting ourselves up for failure in the long haul.

To live the D.R.E.A.M. Lifestyle it is essential that our diet is fully functional, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, and alkaline for our bodies.

Great news! I can show you how to do this and this is what we will be discussing tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at our Nutrition Protocol workshop. If you plan on attending please reply to this e-mail with your name and how many guests you will be bringing.

I will go through the following:

* How the body uses fats, sugars, and protein for fuel.
* What the food pyramid SHOULD look like
* What tests can you take to see which foods your body is sensitive to
* Great breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. 
* How to determine which supplements your body NEEDS
* A quick 3 day cleanse to flush out your system. 
* And much more

If you do not know what D.R.E.A.M. stands for then it is a coined term our office has put together to help you achieve your best life.

D – Diet (Anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, and alkaline)
R – Rest (8 hours uninterrupted)
E – Exercise (functional movements)
A – Alignment (Making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally through chiropractic)
M – Mental attitude (Have a clear conscious that is relaxed and constantly expanding)

Here are all of our podcasts that are free to download so you can get more information on the DREAM lifestyle.


water keeps your body healthy

As we recently enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day this past weekend, it seems the summer sun is upon us and so are the pool, lake, and beach outings! Like many of you, I will be taking advantage of the sun and making sure I max out my vitamin D levels and get that good tan. We all have summer vacation places to go where our best thoughts come to us and summer foods we crave. We feel one with nature, and anything that could possibly fog our mind begins to clear itself. Growing up in Charleston, SC my whole life, I always make a point to get to the water as much as possible in the summer as it is my place of peace and serenity.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a very important article about staying healthy through the summer which should be read before moving on. This article stresses 3 important tips you and your family can take to boost your health this summer. These can be taken along with the healthy summer foods you eat like like the local summer salad recipe we have.

Also, we will be doing a Whole Foods Shopping Tour on June 4th at 7:00 PM. At this event I will give everyone my best recipes, how to alkalize your body, good breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, and other ways you can boost your health this summer. Click Here to Register

A follow-up to that article which many of you have requested is what supplements should you be taking this summer. I will go into this in further detail a the Whole Foods Tour but if you look at our glass case, you will notice a change in product. As seasons change, we will put in the glass case the supplements my family and I take to maintain our health throughout that particular season. So for each season, you will notice new products and those would be recommended for that time of year based on what our body’s will need.

The following products are what I will begin taking the day after Memorial Day until Labor Day. These are 3 Must-try supplements to boost your nutrition and still get fit this summer season. I’ll take a moment to explain their benefits to you and your family:

1) Cataplex F

cataplex f.jpgOver the next 3 months, one thing which will be common for some of you is sunburn. When this happens, you can create excess vitamin D in the body which means the skin overproduced vitamin D. Excess vitamin D will send too much calcium to the bones and can deplete the calcium available for muscles. This is why many people will notice an increase in cramping and muscle cramps through the summer.

The natural balance to vitamin D is vitamin F.  Vitamin F is the calcium mobilizer that facilitates calcium to be transported to your muscles where it is needed. Vitamin F will also help reduce sunburn if taken before going out into the sun.


2) USF Ointment

USF ointment can combat dry, scaly, cracked or sensitive skin without the harsh chemicals often found in lotions. This Ointment contains Vitamin F, lanolin, linseed oil and lecithin. If you are out in the sun for too long and get sunburn, then this would be the lotion to put on you or your family’s skin to help the healing process.

usf ointment.jpg

“Lanolin is made up of water and fats, making it a natural emollient to damaged skin. Linseed oil provides essential fatty acids required by every living cell to rebuild and produce new cells. Lecithin, a phospholipid, is a major component of cell membranes. The cell membrane acts as a gatekeeper for incoming and outgoing nutrients and wastes, Lecithin helps cells absorb essential fatty acids. These three ingredients supply oil and moisture to support healthy skin cells. The Vitamin F Complex contains important fatty acids that promote healthy skin and hair. The vitamin F Complex also brings needed oxygen and calcium from the blood to also help promote healthy skin. The natural oils in lanolin and linseed oils help to restore elasticity to dry and brittle skin. Lecithin promotes absorption of these precious oils into the cells. As moisture is restored, the tight feeling, itching, and flaking of skin is often significantly relieved.” – USF Ointment Product Detail


3) Tuna Oil

tuna oil standard process.jpgI know each week it feels as if I am promoting this product, but it is because I think it this (tuna oil) is important for everyone to take.

Every educated healthcare practitioner would tell you how important omega 3 is for your body and the benefits it can create, which is why I keep harping on this topic. Too many of you say “I get plenty of omega 3 from the Atlantic salmon I eat”. Unfortunately Atlantic salmon is completely farm raised AND it is VERY difficult to get enough quality omega 3’s from your fish. Also, I know some you take other brands which is completely fine, but the only other brand I would recommend is Nordic Naturals. They are another quality brand like Standard Process.

Our diets consist of a high amount omega 6’s which can create inflammation in the body and by balancing it with omega 3, we begin to reduce inflammation. In other countries medical doctors will prescribe fish oil or omega 3 for their client before they put them on drugs.


Want to be healthy this summer?

Get this 3 best recommended supplements to boost your health and nutrition this summer! If you are interested how to get this, let me know by commenting below. I will hold them for you so you can pick-up on your next visit.

SAVE $18 if you buy all 3 together!  Regular price is $51 for each and please ask Samantha for the “Summer Pack“.

Have a fun and healthy summer, everyone!


Summer is right around the corner and this is the best time to refresh your body and build it up for the upcoming cold months. If we look at trends most people get sick in the winter and allergies in the Spring not because of the external environment but more commonly because of how they neglect the internal environment such as:

1) Less working out

2) Decrease sunlight meaning less vitamin D

3) Eating sugary foods from all the holidays

4)More emotional stress from the holidays and end of year

5)Staying indoors more based on colder weather

Even though we should ALWAYS be caring for our bodies, Summer must be an action oriented time to rebuild our health. Here are 3 important tips to maximize your Summer and accelerate your health.

1) Eat Greens Abundantly – During the summer months many of us will be outside for barbecues, hanging out by the pool, and heading to the beach to load up on Vitamin D, which is amazing! However some of us will overdo it and this creates extreme oxidative stress to the body and more free radicals for the system. Research is now showing that by eating greens that are rich in antioxidants can reduce sunburn and help your body absorb the levels of Vitamin D properly. My favorite is kale which should be bought organic as it is on the Dirty Dozen list. My favorite recipe for the summer is: 1 kale, 3 avocados, 1 red onion, and 1 red pepper all cut up put into a bowl and mixed together. Throw some Himalayan sea salt to taste and enjoy this antioxidant rich summer salad.

2) Sweat Once A Day – One of my favorite traditions that Lululemon is bringing to the market is to “Sweat Once A Day”. Many stores challenge their employees to be an inspiration to the community and get a sweat in at least once a day through physical activity. Sweating is a powerful tool to detoxify the body especially as most people are not sweating enough during the colder months so make sure to take extra yoga classes or go for a run outside this Summer.

3) Chemical Free Sunscreen – As many of us start looking for sunscreens and sunblocks to get I strongly encourage you to look out for a toxic chemical called “parabens”. Parabens are artificial preservatives that companies put in to the sunscreens to make them last longer. This is unfortunately sad because these chemicals are cancer “contributing” and have a severe negative impact on our health. According to cancer.gov, in 2004 a research study found an excess of parabens in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors. Parabens are also found in deodorants and soaps so be sure to look out for the following toxic ingredients: methylparaben, butylparaben, or propylparaben. You can get nontoxic chemical sunscreen on mercola.com or vitacost.com.


As I have heard from many you the most difficult meal to put together is breakfast. Many of you say you want a quick, easy, and healthy meal yet resort to bowls of cereal and oatmeal.

I want to share with you 4 of my favorite breakfast meals so you can keep you and your family healthy. These take less than 10 minutes to make and are super cheap.

Lastly, many of your friends, family, and co-workers are not on this e-mail list and are missing out on some vital information to their health. Please invite them to our quarterly Dinner With Doc at Eclipse Di Luna on May 20th at 7:00 PM. Click here to register. 

4 Breakfast Ideas

1) Egg and Avocados

Hard boil 4 eggs (Do not overdo them. Should not have a gray ring around yolk). Place eggs and avocado in a bowl and mash up using a fork. Some people like to slice the hard boiled vertically and put yolk in a bowl with the avocado. They will then mash up the yolk and avocado and place it back in the egg to make avocado deviled eggs. When I make these for guests I like to put some cayenne pepper on top of this.

2) Beyond Organic Hot Dogs

I know this one is going to sound strange but one of my favorite breakfasts is hot dogs and onions. Don’t knock it til you try it! The beef is 100% grassfed and raised in beautiful pastures in the Ozark Mountains. They are treated humanely and are never fed a grain their entire life. The only ingredients are: beef, water, organic honey, sea salt, organic mustard, organic paprika, celery powder, organic coriander, organic garlic, and organic black pepper. They take 5 minutes to heat up on a stove top with coconut oil and make a fast, delicious breakfast. Recently, Sam has become a Certified Health Coach with Beyond Organic so talk to her about getting some hot dogs as they are currently running specials.

3) Banana/Almond Butter

An all time favorite in the Cohen household is cutting up an apple or banana and putting it together with raw creamy almond butter from Trader Joes. The key is buying organic apples and making sure the almond butter is raw and unsalted. It is rare to find raw almond butter anymore especially at the $4 price at Trader Joes. Also, apples are highly sprayed fruit so make sure to buy them organic.

4) No Granola Granola Cereal

Recently I have found this company that makes grainless granola which is AMAZING. The only ingredients are: Organic Coconut, Almonds, Prunes (unsweetened, unsulfured), Carrots,Himalayan Sea Salt. We take this and mix it with almond milk as it is a super healthy bowl of cereal. Much different than the other crap you find in grocery stores where the box is probably better for you than the “food” inside.

One Life: This is all we get!

Knowing that we will be here on this Earth one time the question becomes: What are you willing to do to make it your best?

This question constantly feeds through my head as I live my life. Whether I am about to put food in my system, get exercise, see my chiropractor, socialize with friends, head to the office, or deliver a workshop my choices are about an EXTRA-ordinary quality of life.

As our societies stress levels rise it is essential we are taking EXTRA care of ourselves through many different avenues. There are societies in the World called “Blue Zones” which is where it is common for those to live over 90 and in to their 100’s with little risk of chronic disease. These societies tend not to follow the brainwashing that goes on in our country such as Larry the Cable Guy’s recent Prilosec commercial. Here is a picture of Larry telling us it is ok to eat corndogs because if we take a Prilosec then we will be OK. What a joke!

Unfortunately many people live their life through these commercials by being stressed out and wondering why they are on blood pressure meds, eating garbage foods and being on cholesterol or diabetes medicine, not having social networks or a sense of purpose and being on anti-depressants, and the list could go on.

The fact is: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! This is what has been engrained in to your brain since a child but if you continue to lead that lifestyle then you will be like everyone else in our country (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc).

The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Samantha, Shalonda, and myself are 110% committed to having everyone in our office live their greatest life so PLEASE take advantage. We want to show you and teach you what you can do different than everyone else and what the healthiest people in the planet are doing that are dependent on drugs or a poor quality of life. The 3 of us were put here to be servants to you so please ask questions, send e-mails, come to workshops, read my e-book, and get involved.

The societies that live the longest have common qualities and I want to touch on 4 of them as I feel they have the power to allow you to live your greatest life.

1) Get Regular Movement

Many of the societies that live to be over 100 tend to walk regularly, hike mountains, work the land, and perform other activities that create movement. They are NOT sitting in front of computers for hours a day and destroying their spine. NOW, I know many of us rely on computer work for our jobs but it is crucial we cut out time throughout the days for movement and exercise. ONE life, find the time! Walking around the office every hour, walking after meals, hiking mountains on the weekends, and other activities you can think of that would be more natural for the body.

2) Eat Foods Congruent With the Body

These societies tend to eat mostly a Mediterranean Diet filled with fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and stay away from processed junk food. Even the foods people think are from Earth and not processed tend be some of the most processed foods in the supermarkets such as milk, cheese, and grains. Once again our society has more stress now than ever so eating foods more genetically designed for the body will create a healthier internal environment.

3) Create Social Circles

Most of these healthy societies have large social circles where they get together for meals, games, or good conversation. In Okinawa and Loma Linda with the 7th Day Adventists they congregate regularly in person. Our society is obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites as well as reality TV. By connecting with people regularly and getting together for functions can truly help maximize and increase your quantity and quality of life.

4) Find Your Purpose

Each society that has a long and healthy life tend to have found a sense of purpose they live for. In our culture we look forward to “retirement” yet we have no interests, hobbies, or extracurricular things we do to keep us fulfilled following this phase of our life. Finding a place to volunteer, living to serve others, falling in love with a sport, a passion for helping others live better lives, or becoming a mentor there are countless possibilities to develop your sense of purpose.