Is Chiropractic Safe

Is Chiropractic Safe

One of the most common questions people around Atlanta ask when visiting my office is “Is Chiropractic Safe?”. Maybe they have seen too many horror movies depicting chiropractic negatively, perhaps even heard a story from someone who has never been to a chiropractor. I’m not only able tell you chiropractic is extremely safe but also can show the proof in the numbers.

Chiropractic Versus…

We all know that doctors need to carry malpractice insurance to cover being sued for improper care. I posted my annual premium for my malpractice insurance on this page. Malpractice insurance is based on how many claims get submitted every year from that profession, as you can see mine is a measly $1,200.

To give you an idea of how low that is compared to other professions in other big cities. Ob-Gyn’s in New York pay over $200,000 PER YEAR, surgeons from Miami pay $190,000, and internists from Miami pay $47,000.

These numbers go to show how safe chiropractic as it is a drugless and non-invasive profession designed to get the body working at 100%. The only side effect from chiropractic is better health as it is a completely non-invasive and drugless profession.

In fact, in 2007 Spine magazine performed a study on 19,700 people to track the safety of chiropractic. Following 50,000 adjustments on the subjects there were no serious adverse effects which translated to the risk at being 1 per 10,000 per this study.

Get Involved

I hope that this article gives you better insight on the safety of chiropractic. I would love to hear some concerns from the general public, as sometimes the fear of seeing a chiropractor can stall someone from getting healthy and living their life to the fullest potential. Leave comments below!

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