Health Doesn't Take Vacations

This past week I had client come back to the office with a sharp pain after taking a 1 year hiatus and doing nothing proactively with his spinal hygiene. He started chiropractic care in December 2010 with me and in June 2011 he stopped coming in because he said “life got busy”. I decided to take a re-xray of him this week to see if there were any changes in his spine from when he started to where he is now. I could see structurally he still had improvements from when he came in for 6 months but the permanent damage had gotten worse on his hiatus. There was increased disc deterioration, fusing of the joints, increased nerve pressure, more arthritic conditions, and overall the spine had progressed negatively. If only he could have come in every other week for some maintenance care then these problems could have been prevented and the permanent damage would not be as prominent. I understand we now live in a fast paced World that moves a million miles a second which is why it now more important to take better care of ourselves. If we are going to put our body through copious amounts of stress through long hours of sitting in front of the computer, lack of working out, eating poor quality foods, and thinking negative thoughts then it is crucial to be proactive. The years of only taking care of our body when we are in pain, overweight, sick, or recently diagnosed are over. It is time to become proactive and committed to living a healthy life everyday and every-way. We have ONE shot on this Earth so why not doing everything possible to make it your greatest and feel your best. I am sure your family and friends will be thankful! I am here to support you and be as much of a resource as possible.