How to beat the winter flu

How to beat the winter flu

Today’s article is centered around a hot question in the office over the past few weeks,”How Can I Beat The Winter Flu?” Before I provide insight on the topic I’d like to first start by sharing a quote.

“The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words. These were Louis Pasteur’s, father of the germ theory, final words before his death in 1895.

I love his concepts and philosophy because in today’s germophobic world, people are scared of everything related to germs. Everywhere I turn I see people bathing themselves in Purell or some other toxic cleaner to remove bacteria. If germs were so evil, then nobody would be alive, and we would all be constantly sick.

Instead of always focusing on ways to improve the external environments such as our hands, skin, face, etc, it is more important to concentrate on our internal environments. I have not had the flu in 13 years, and it is not because I live in a bubble but because I focus on building a titanium internal environment. The stronger I build my internal environment, the less likely the external environment will affect me.

Because of the nature of our practice, I am surrounded by “germs” and “bacteria” all day. Nevertheless, how can someone like myself stay healthy and never get sick, while people who lather in hand sanitizers and shower five times a day get sick often?

I want to share 3 extra secrets beyond chiropractic that can help you beat the flu and create a titanium internal environment this holiday season.

1. Increase Happiness

Instead of using the term “manage stress” we want to be proactive and excel in life so I used the term “increase happiness”. The goal of each day should not be to keep stress at bay. Rather, we should focus on increasing our happiness, so stress begins to go away.

This is similar to never wanting to manage a disease but increase health within the body to eliminate it. Language is everything, and thoughts become things, so this first step is critical.

As the holiday season begins to unfold many people with fall under increased stress with deadlines, travel plans, financial burdens, family coming in town, holiday parties, and other life events.

Anytime the body is under a state of stress the immune system shuts down, and disease prevails.

My favorite way to increase happiness in my life is by looking at my value system and implementing it into my life. One of my highest values is health, so when I workout, get adjusted or get acupuncture, for instance, I am happier. Family is another top value for me, so when I am going on date nights with my wife, spending time with family, or playing with my nieces, my happiness increases.

Figure out the top 3 values in your life, and let us look at steps you can take to increase your levels of happiness. Most of the time happiness costs nothing!

2. Maximize Vitamin D

Have you noticed that most people do not get sick in the summer? During these months people are outside much more and absorbing massive amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a key role in our heath when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system and decreasing risk of disease. Affecting 2,000 of the 30,000 genes in our bodies, increased vitamin D levels can truly build up our internal environment. Spend 10 – 20 minutes in the sun on a daily basis to get optimal vitamin D levels, as your body stops producing after 20 minutes.

3. Go Paleo!

When it comes to de-inflaming the body and increasing your internal health the best way to eat is like our hunter-gather ancestors or paleo (lithic). Paleo eating stays away from grains, dairy, legumes, and white sugar to decrease internal inflammation. I have been eating paleo for the past 4 years and am in the best shape of my life with great numbers from my most recent bloodwork. Great resources are the NomNom app for your iPad or smartphone, or as well as the website PaleoPlan.Com, which has great recipes. The key is making sure you are eating a lot of good fats and good sugars, which will ultimately keep your hormones and cells functioning optimally.


I hope you find my 3 tricks to beat the winter flu helpful this season. Please leave a message below if you have any questions or comments!