Improve Digestion with Proper Posture

Boosting your digestive system doesn’t start with your gut – it starts with your posture. Checking your (proper) posture is one of the easiest ways that you can manage your digestive system. When you go from a standing to a seated position, your body has to quickly compact itself into a smaller space. If you slouch or have poor posture, your body has to contort itself that much more. This often slows down important body systems.

Posture at the Workplace

If you’re like most working professionals, you may spend a lot of your week sitting. You likely spend an average of 13 hours per day in a seated position. That means for more than half of every day your intestines are constricted into a smaller than normal space.

Sitting up straight could aid better digestion. In order for your digestive system to function at its best, your stomach and intestinal walls must contract through a series of coordinated movements called peristalsis. It is this process that enables our food to travel throughout the digestive system, delivering nutrients to keep us energized. When you sit up straight, this process is naturally slowed down, but when poor posture is factored in, it nearly grinds to a complete halt.

Imagine trying to navigate your way through a long, dark hallway, as the ceiling is collapsing on top of you. It becomes very hard, very quickly, when the space you’re traveling in is getting smaller and smaller. This is exactly what happens to the food in your digestive system when you sit with poor posture. A decrease in food digestion often leads to a decrease in energy, as your body struggles to process foods and absorb nutrients. This can also lead to the production of gas, painful constipation, and acid reflux.

But, the good news is…

Poor or slouching posture can easily be corrected. The award-winning posture specialists at Corrective Chiropractic are experts in assessing spinal misalignments and using proven, pain-free techniques to help you feel your best. Our non-invasive procedures will help restore your posture to near perfect alignment, so you can live a happier and healthier life.

If you would benefit from having more energy, less stress, and an improved digestive system, then contact the trusted chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic today to schedule your first appointment.

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  1. Sumit Kumar says:

    We human beings sleep, sit, relax, stand and do many activities. But do you think you do it correctly? Almost 90 percent of an unhealthy spine and other chronic pains. Our body has a lot of muscles. Some are short and weak, others are long and strong. When all muscles are supported in the body this is called a balanced posture. It means all the bones and joints are in proper alignment. Let me make it more specific with the difference between good posture and bad posture. Do you know a correct body posture can improve your digestion- How to improve digestion naturally at home.

  2. Mukhtiar Ali Khan says:

    A Best Posture Corrector is a device designed to improve one’s posture by providing support to the back and shoulders. While it can be helpful for those with poor posture, it should not be relied upon as the sole solution for long-term improvement. Consistent exercise and proper ergonomics are crucial for maintaining good posture.


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