Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy can be a helpful way for expectant mothers to manage the stress that pregnancy can cause on the body. And, a recent in-depth study confirms these health benefits. Researchers have found that by performing chiropractic adjustments, a pregnant woman’s pelvic muscles were relaxed, a unique benefit that is only achieved during pregnancy. Relaxing the pelvic floor muscles can help women reduce the pain and complications that may arise with natural vaginal delivery.

The chiropractic benefits to the pelvic floor muscles also extend to non-pregnant women. A team of researchers found that when compared to women who did not receive regular chiropractic adjustments, those who did were are able to contract their pelvic floor muscles similar to that of highly-trained athletes. The exact explanation for this phenomenon is not quite known, but physicians point to chiropractic adjustments being able to achieve a higher level of relaxation that in turn gives patients a greater ability to control their pelvic muscles. This increased level of control can help women, pregnant and otherwise, prevent future pelvic floor disorders, natural birth complications, as well as urinary incontinence.

The benefits of chiropractic care, especially during pregnancy can decrease both delivery and recovery times. The experienced and gentle chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic have extensive experience working with women throughout their entire pregnancy. To schedule a hassle-free pregnancy chiropractic consultation and adjustment now!

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