How to Make Someone Elses Day

How to Make Someone Elses Day

On February 6th, my team and I were sent an email from a patients father that stated his daughter will be passing away very soon. We were all upset, as this patient was such an inspiring young woman. She had been through a lot from her time in the service and recently residing in a wheelchair after losing a leg to gangrene. Even though the situation has been upsetting, this whole process has taught us a few lessons about life and our practice….and how to make someone else’s day when they come to visit.

Myself and everyone one of my employees has a goal to make every single persons day at least 1% better by walking through our double glass doors. We want everyone to know and recognize how valuable they are as a human and that they have a whole lot of worth in this world. There is nobody that God created that was by accident or mistake. Everyone was created for a reason and with a purpose to fulfill…which is usually through helping others.

In her last few months, she shared how she looked forward to every visit and enjoyed seeing our smiling faces as well as our other patients. Believe it or not, many of you current patients shared words with her that were uplifting that helped get her through the day.

Interpret this article how you will but the vision is for you read this and recognize that every single person you encounter in your life is there for a purpose. There are no accidents why you walk by someone, sit next to someone, get adjusted at the time-slot as someone, or even bump into someone. Be observant and always be alert on how you can increase the value and experiences of someone else’s life.

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I would love to hear experiences you have had that were powerful or examples of uplifting someone’s day, please leave comments below.

Here are some examples of how we are always looking to make other peoples day:

  • On Valentines Day, we bring roses to the homeless shelter to surprise the women and children
  • Sending birthday and anniversary cards to everyone
  • Surprising my staff with gifts and lunches
  • Adjusting the men in the homeless shelter monthly