Ways Water Keeps Your Body Healthy, Part 1

Water is around us, within us, and in a way, we too are water. The human body is ⅔ water. Its presence and absence influences 100% of the processes in our body. Here 7 ways why you should bring a bottle of water with you to keep your body healthy.

Help you lose weight Which Keeps Your Body Healthy

It’s not that it does something covert like inducing hormones in your body that water is so good at helping you lose weight. It simply makes you feel fuller thus curbing your appetite, even more so if you drink water before meals, which in a study was found out that those who drank water before eating lost weight faster than those who didn’t. And sometimes, you’re probably dehydrated and mistook that feeling for hunger. The next time you need a bit of boos, drink some water.

Helps you exercise during warm weather

Working out in the heat is usually fine, but a very important precaution should be taken: before getting out there, make sure to hydrate yourself. You’re losing that water to sweat so always make sure to replace those lost fluids. 

Keeps your digestive tract moving

Eating foods with lots of fat and fiber requires a lot of water to break down. Your trips to the bathroom will get easier and faster if you’re not constipated, and instead of looking for a quick and dirty solution, treat the cause: just drink more water. If you’re dehydrated, you’re pushing more stress on your kidneys and liver when it these waste products could easily pass through the urinary system with enough water.

You might avoid bladder cancer

Bladder cancer might be uncommon, but it exists. It is preventable, through – increased fluid intake – that fluid being water – reduces the risk of contracting it. Again, it’s not doing anything extraordinary – drinking water frequently, and resulting in frequent urination prevents the buildup of carcinogens. Hydration may also reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. 

Hydration prevents headaches and Keeps you Body Healthy

Newsflash: constant headaches are a sign that you’re probably dehydrated. It’s also a migraine trigger. Headaches caused by dehydration can quickly be cured by drinking 2 cups of water and you’ll feel relief within 30 minutes. You’ll have to do more if it occurs frequently: drink 2 to 4 cups within 1 to 2 hours for relief.

It keeps your kidneys healthy

These bean-shaped organs do a lot to regulate your body’s waste, blood pressure and keep your bodily fluids, so give them a lot of love! Again, it doesn’t take much. Just remember to drink water as much as you can, avoid hard drinks and don’t hold your pee!

It gets you energized

Another sign of dehydration is fatigue and lethargy. Just like dehydration-triggered headaches, the only cure is to drink water. If you’re wondering why caffeine, tea or energy drinks don’t work for you, it’s probably because you just need water. 

Your joints and cartilages are lubricated

Water helps keep bodily connections like joints and cartilages are lubricated, hydrated and supple. Cartilage, the material that coats the edges of the bones and prevents them from banging against each other, is 85% water.

Want more benefits of drinking water? Check out Part 2 here!

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