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Chiropractic Benefits for Seniors

The natural aging process can take a toll on your body. For seniors getting up and moving can be a challenge, if not painful. With less physical activity, it is easier for the body to become stiff. This can have a negative effect on a senior’s health. Many studies have pointed to the health benefits for seniors of remaining active into late adulthood. Staying physically fit, as you age can be a surefire way to protect yourself from disease and illness. In fact, regular exercise has been linked to preventing Alzheimer’s and depression among seniors. Staying active is equally good for your brain as it is for your body.

A Study of Benefits for Seniors

A recent study from the University of lowa has established a link between chiropractic care and our health as we age. Researchers studied the medical records of Medicare patients to examine patterns in patient reports of function, activity levels, and self-reported health outcomes, specifically of patients who had visited a chiropractor, compared to those who had not.

For those patients that had visited a chiropractor, they were less likely to have functional or mobile limitations, difficulties participating in physical activity and had, on average, a lower number of doctor’s visits and hospitalizations. So, in short, visiting a chiropractor can be an insulating factor to protect aging seniors from inactivity and physical deterioration.

Researchers found that patients with spine conditions, receiving chiropractic adjustments provided a protective effect against 1-year declines in functional and personal health. Previous studies have shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can not only alleviate spinal pain but can also be a great way to manage your overall health.

Get the Help You Need

If suffering from back pain or want a natural way to boost your health, visiting a chiropractor can help. The award-winning chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic are at the forefront of the industry. Their friendly and comprehensive approach will get you the information you need and the added health boost you deserve.

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    Mobile limitations really sound like they’re what my father is experiencing right now. He can’t run around and do the usual physical tasks he used to do so easily nowadays, so I want to know what I can do to help him. I’ll go and ask around for any chiropractors that can help him get these kinds of functions back.


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