As many of you are aware the Summer of 2012 my wife and I went to Thailand on our honeymoon and had many revelations during this trip. I have been very fortunate through life that I have done a lot and seen a lot but there is something about this trip that is making everything more memorable.

On July 3rd we booked an excursion to have breakfast with monks and in their temple there are rescue tigers where we had an unbelievable opportunity to play with them. We fed them, washed them, and went into a large playing area with them to give them their daily exercise which may have been one of the scariest things in my life. When I was in the tiger cage I remember pausing for a minute and becoming very present to that moment and realizing that this is all we have.

That moment was the only place I could be and what I was gaining was an unbelievable experience with someone I love, my wife. I was realizing that all we have at the end of this life are the experiences we gain every second of every day. They don’t always have to be extreme such as playing with tigers in Thailand but it opened my eyes up to the fact that these experiences are always happening. Some questions you may want to ask yourself to see if you are banking these experiences are: How observant am I in life? Am I present to experiences and my life right now? What stories am I creating to block me from being present to those experiences?

I used to be someone who would care what people thought about me and making sure I look good. I used to be someone who would get frustrated with people if they were not living my lifestyle and eventually push them away. I used to be someone that would get upset with my clients when they did not get chiropractic care and the value of it and irregularly come in for adjustments. I used to be someone that would be focused on the next moment and not the NOW moment. I used to be that guy and now I realize that at the end of this life NONE of those things matter and I have no control of other people choices or decisions. What I do have is an INFLUENCE over their decisions by being present and living in action. All I have are the moments I am in right now and being present to them. The things that matter to me are experiences and I have never been more present to this then I am right now.

*** The list goes on and the fact I am more present to it means that these experiences will be of an abundant supply.

I would love to hear from all of you the experiences you are present to in your life and how these are creating an impact.