Staying Healthy On Vacation

If you’re reading this and planning on going on vacation anytime soon – listen up, friends! As your trusted Corrective Chiropractic Chiropractor, we are here to educate you on how to stay healthy on vacation. Here are three of our favorite tips and tricks!

Key to Staying Healthy Is Morning Movement!

The big question is, “How do we keep our healthy habits, no matter the location?” Our first tip of advice is to START your morning with movement. For some of you, it might look like doing a 30 minutes of HIIT. It could look like a fun bike ride around the beach or even a relaxed walk to brunch with the whole family. For some of you, it might look like booking a class at a cool studio you’ve never been to before. For others of you, it might look like a quick jog around the new city! Whatever you choose… the trick is to put it on your schedule. The truth is, if it’s not in the books, it most-likely won’t happen. Moving your body has so much power to change your mind! Wake up early, get it done, & then enjoy all your fun adventures ahead. Plus, you very rarely feel disappointed after a workout. Remember that.

Stay Hydrated!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We cannot chant this enough. Hydrating is so key to staying healthy on vacation. Our bodies need water to be able to function at its most optimal level. Not only that, but water helps deliver nutrients to our cells. That’s huge, people! Our trusted tip of the day? Keep a reusable and insulated water bottle with you wherever you go. We recommend drinking at least half your body-weight in ounces per day. Sweating or working out? Grab some electrolyte tabs to help you replenish what you lose!

Rest and Recover!

Whether we often realize it or not, a big reason why we need a vacation is because we need sleep. Sure, we all want a nice getaway! But what we really NEED is rest. Most likely, you are 1 of 8 in 10 Americans who say that they are stressed (according to the 2017 Gallup poll). While some stress can be good, our bodies aren’t meant to withstand constant and on-going stress. We want to avoid triggering our sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our “fight-or-flight” mode. When we are chronically in that “fight-or-flight” mode, our body’s stress response system is disrupted. As a result, our body reacts by raising our overall cortisol levels and disturbing our normal cortisol and melatonin rhythms. Instead, our goal is to activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which facilitates our “rest and digest” function. If you find yourself stressed, perhaps you are not spending enough time in the “rest and digest” mode. Here’s a sweet trick! Put your phone / work away and use this vacay time to rest and recharge. Think about this… our ancestors did not have much vacation time. However, they were able to maintain good health because they knew how to rest and recharge – best.

There you go! Three tips & tricks to stay healthy while on vacation! While they might seem obvious… you would be surprised how quick we are to forget the simple things. Now, go have fun and enjoy your well-deserved trip!

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