As 2012 comes to a close my mentor recently asked me what am I grateful for this year and what are some of my victories. When he asked this question I had to go back all the way to January but most of the successes I could come up with were from September – December. It is not because I didn’t have any victories in January – August but it just seems like it was so far away.

For 2013 I have an idea that I am going to share and I hope many of you partake in this exercise.

I will be going to target this week and buying a big glass jar where on the outside I will put 2013. I will call it Jar of Life’s Goal for the year 2013. When I hit a victory, goal, or have something to be grateful for then I will place a piece of paper in this jar. At the end of the year I will look through this jar and will be a way for me to see everything that has happened in 2013 and as the years go on I will continue to do this.

I would love to hear if any of you have any suggestions for this or have ever done this before. Also, if you would like to join me in this then please comment below and let me know you have accepted the challenge.

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