Don’t you just love summertime foods? This season is booming with delicious produce! From watermelon, to tomatoes, to squash, to berries, to peaches, to greens, to herbs, and the list continues.

Ever wonder why we crave these foods in the summertime and other foods in the fall or wintertime? It is because our bodies were intentionally designed to eat seasonally – this is why eating seasonal is important to our body. We want watermelon in the hot summer months because it is made almost entirely of water, so the fruit provides refreshing relief on a humid and sunny day. In the colder months though, we desire warmth and comfort, which means root veggies and soups. These foods are heavier and starchier, so we feel satiated and internally warm. Nature knows best, that’s for sure.

Check out a local farmer’s market for this season’s food selection – all the healthy kids are doing it 🙂

There are ITP (Inside The Perimeter) and OTP (Outside The Perimeter) markets almost every day of the week!

I do chef demos at the Grant Park Farmer’s Market (Grant Park, Atlanta) one Sunday each month during the season, so put Sunday, July 17th on your calendar to come hang out with us and sample delicious and fresh foods! You surely do not want to miss free samples of delicious food, right?! Also, here is a free local summer salad recipe you can try out first.


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