The Gift of Rest

With the holidays in full swing right about now, we want to dedicate this blog post to rest. Yes, you heard us right – REST! Sometimes… we just need simple reminders to slow down and remember why we started. So, here’s yours!

In the middle of our busy (whatever that looks like for you), let us not forget to rest. But not just any “get-it-where-we-can” kind of rest. We are talking quality rest! If quality rest is not already a priority of yours, we encourage you to start making it one. We have talked about it here before, but we cannot speak it over you enough. Your sleep is so important, your sleep is important, your sleep is important! We know that we know that we know that getting good sleep will help us feel better overall as humans. However, we want you to remember this one thing! As your local Chiropractor, we are way more concerned with how you are functioning rather than how you are feeling. Getting quality rest plays a huge role in helping our minds and bodies FUNCTION better! Make sense?

Rest to Recover

Our bodies were literally created to rest! We don’t rest at night because there are just too many hours in the day. Instead, your body takes that time to HEAL itself while you sleep. Why? So that way… it is able to rest, recharge, and recover for the next day. Think about it! From sunrise to sunset, we are putting a crazy amount of stress on ourselves. With that being said, we have to make sure we are slowing down and actually listening to our body. (Check out our recent blog, “Listen to Your Body” for more advice on how to do just that.) You see, when our body is not able to properly rest and recover, we see things like low energy, sickness, and dis-ease start to show up. So before you are forced to slow down… learn how to rest so you can recover.

Creating a Routine

If you want to become a healthier person, creating a bedtime routine is the perfect place to start. So here are just a few ways that you can create better bedtime habits! First things first, put your phone away. At least an hour or two before bed, we recommend that you put your phone on do not disturb. More than getting rid of the temptation to check your social media or inbox right before bed… you will also avoid the negative effects of blue light. In case you didn’t know… phones and tables give off blue light, which is suggested to hinder the production of the sleep-inducing hormone (melatonin) and disrupt our circadian rhythms. Next, do something that helps you wind down! Whether that be reading a book, taking a bath, writing in your gratitude journal. or even doing some of those at-home exercises we give you… the choice is yours! Last but not least, shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If you don’t plan it, it most likely won’t happen! So be intentional about what time you need to start winding down for bed. We believe in you!

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