What does the chiropractic roller table do

May people ask us about the roller tables we have in our office, more specifically they ask “What does the Chiropractic Roller table do?” and “What benefits do they provide?”.

A differentiating factor between us and most chiropractors is, following the adjustment, we have everyone lay for between 5-7 minutes in our tranquility room on the “roller tables”. Most people call these “roller tables” but for us they are known as Spinal Stabilizer Tables. These tables actually stabilize the spine post-corrective adjustment.

Since we specialize in corrective care, it’s important that people do not go back in their car and head straight in front of a computer. It is important to relax for at least 5 minutes to allow the adjustment to hold itself in place. The “roller tables” help this relaxation process.

These Spinal Stabilizer Tables roll up and down the spine massaging the disc spaces. These disc spaces are the cushioning between the spine and help them stay hydrated. The more stimulation these discs receive the healthier and taller you will feel and look.

Your Turn

Have you ever laid on a roller table when visiting a chiropractor?