Why Quick-Fixes Aren’t the Answer

The truth is… the society that we live in today is all about “quick-fixes.” You know what we are talking about, right? Microwaves, meal replacement shakes, fast food, Netflix, one-hour photos – you name it, you’ve probably got it (or at least have access to it)! But it doesn’t just stop there. This “quick-fix” society also spills over into the way we approach our health. We want to feel better and NOW! So we take pills for things like headaches, indigestion, trouble sleeping, poor skin, and anxiety.

Quick Fixes – I Want It Now

While medicine most certainly has its place in our world, it shouldn’t always be our first grab-n-go. Sure… this “I want it now!” society might seem like a more easy and efficient way of life. However, our desire for instant gratification or immediate relief can actually put us under more stress in the long run. Furthermore, this compulsion makes us feel an even greater need to condense our schedules by utilizing any shortcuts available to us.

Mindset Shift

But what if we began to shift our mindset? What if we learned to not expect immediate results? Nothing worth having or accomplishing will come easy or overnight. Let’s face it – living healthier and more authentic lives takes long practices. Some days, it will be hard to do the things that take time. But that’s when we speak truth over ourselves: “Our health is an investment and not an expense.” That’s when we remember that success is a consequence, not a goal. If we shoot for purely success, we start wrong. That’s when we look in front of the mirror and say our positive affirmations.

Healing Takes Time

Now, when it comes to healing – things take time! We get it – that’s hard to hear sometimes. When we are in pain – all we want is a miracle or an overnight remedy. But, friends! We are here to encourage you that that type of health is not sustainable. ⁣In fact, we often remind our patients that their symptoms or discomfort didn’t arise in one day and they most likely won’t go away in one day. Here at Corrective Chiropractic, we are focused getting to the ROOT cause of you problems and your health concerns. That takes time, repetition, and consistency.

How Does Chiropractic Help

If you are new to chiropractic, it is designed on the concept of vitalism! It is believed that the body has an Innate Intelligence to healing. We all have this innate ability to heal OURSELVES. It comes from within! We just have to give it the right environment and remove the interference. Disease occurs when the body’s natural ability to adapt to life’s forces (stress, environmental toxins, traumas) is interrupted. Through specific chiropractic adjustments, we remove those subluxations that interfere with the normal function of your nervous system. Now, this is true healing! The cool thing about healing from the inside-out is that you will not only begin to FEEL better, but your whole body starts FUNCTIONING better.

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