Why Working Out At Night Is 100 Times Better

In the pursuit of healthy living we’ve fallen into thinking that working out is the best way to start the day. Newsflash: Morning workouts are not for everyone.  Do you know anyone who’s never hit snooze on their morning exercise alarm? Those who are working out at night!  If you’re the type who takes their time waking up, and thereby missing the precious time for gym before work, why not consider going in the evenings?

Here are the reasons why an evening gym session can be the workout that sticks for you:

When Working Out At Night You Have the Place to Yourself

Some do manage to fight the morning blues to stick to a morning exercise routine. They’re the early worms who gets dibs on the choice of treadmill, weights and equipment that it almost feels like you’re encroaching on their territory. At night though, they’re not peering over your shoulder or judging you for using the bench press for so long. And as you’ve got free rein on the place, you have more leeway with the rules. Your fellow night owls are a small bunch that you can get away with using the cardio machines for more than half an hour. 

Now you can actually use the 15 separate equipment that’s needed in the circuit workout you’ve been wanting to try!

It’s the perfect way to destress

What’s a better motivation to jump on a treadmill to let out the frustrations of a long day at work? Turn negative emotions from an overbearing boss, a slacking co-worker or the ungodly traffic into a beneficial destress session by sweating it out in the evenings. Unlike going out for a drink, it’s free from hangovers or bad decisions. 

The Mayo Clinic says that working out when you’re stressed pumps up your endorphins – the “feel good neurotransmitters” – that a few rounds of racquetball or laps in the pool will immediately make you feel better, the day’s irritations forgotten because you’re focused on getting your body to move.  After an evening exercise session, you’re feeling calmer, think clearer and mentally setup for a good night’s night sleep.

Wake up to calmer mornings

Succumbing to your morning alarm’s incessant wake up call at the last minute so you can squeeze in some gym time before work will leave you starting the day frazzled.  Starting your day in such a hectic manner will truly take out the motivation you have to stick to your morning exercise. When you’re leading a stressful lifestyle, don’t you think you deserve at least a proper breakfast? With your mornings fully devoted to get you ready for work, you don’t look like you’ve been struck by a hurricane when you arrive at the office – a thing you won’t miss from the gym’s low power hair dryer. Maybe this time you can finally use the sauna without having to share an awkward conversation with strangers.

Get 100% attention from your trainer

The gym at night is much more relaxed that it is in the mornings, with less people around your trainer can spend more time coaching your form or answer your questions. Your fellow night owls will be friendlier in the evenings because they’re aren’t too trying to be late for the office. And besides, with less people around it’s easier to strike up a conversation. 

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