How to Breakthrough Limits: No Excuses

What goals have you told yourself that you can’t achieve? None would likely be the answer from 34-year-old Misty Diaz. Born with severe spina bifida.


Simple Tips To Improve Your Sleep Cycle – And It’s Not About Counting Sheep

How many nights have you spent in bed, tossing and turning and being unable to sleep, only to wake up the next morning groggy and tired? If you answer many times, that’s a sign that your body clock, otherwise known as the “circadian rhythm” is out of sync with your sleep cycle.


The Importance of Replacing Screen Time with Outdoor Time

With technology use on the rise, the smallest among us are being severely affected. In a January 2019 study released by the journal JAMA Pediatrics, researchers have found a direct association between the amount of screen time allowed at age 2 and 3 with delayed physical development by age 5. For the purposes of this study, development encompassed progression in communication, motor skills, problem-solving and personal social skills.


Latest Research Suggests Chiropractic Care Can Help Ear Infections

Ear infections are often a common and frustrating occurence that most parents have to deal with. As the frequency of ear infections increase, parents seek out the safest and quickest ways to treat ear infections, that do not require medication or tube insertions. When it comes to all natural remedies, chiropractic adjustments may be leading the way in curbing childhood ear infections. Understanding the medical science behind ear infections can shed light on why spinal adjustments may be able to help this childhood ailment.


Chiropractic Treatments: Are they a natural way to help lower blood pressure?

With blood pressure medication recalls hitting the news every few months, the safety and effectiveness of these treatments are being questioned. But, with the rise of high blood pressure in the country, researchers are lowly setting their sights on discovering an all-natural way to treat hypertension. And, one innovative chiropractor suggests that chiropractic treatments can be the non-invasive, non-medication option for millions of Americans to lower their blood pressure.