Deep Tissue Massage

There are so many wonderful benefits of massage therapy, especially combined with chiropractic care. Benefits include increased mobility, loosening of adhesions “muscle knots”, sports recovery, as well as the reduction of stress levels on the body. Massage therapy also optimizes the function of the muscular system, which allows your adjustments to move easier and last longer.

Corrective Chiropractic offers the following massage options for a truly healing experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a technique that relieves pain and tension in the muscles. Applying direct pressure to the contracted muscles allows them to release lactic acid, which reduces inflammation and improves joint mobility. Recommended for those working through an injury, or for athletes looking to improve sports performance, decrease recovery time and support injury prevention.

Minutes Price
30 minutes $42
60 minutes $84
90 minutes $126

Prenatal Massage

For all new and expecting mothers, prenatal massages are designed to support the tremendous stress the body goes through during pregnancy! The benefits include joint pain relief caused by postural imbalance and extra weight, improved breathing, relaxation and emotional support. Our massage therapist use side lying posture, along with any necessary bolsters and pregnancy props to protect the lumbar spine, uterus and placenta during the massage.

Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair MassageHelp your employees perform at their optimal levels by giving them the gift of touch. All that is needed is a small space to set up the chair, and each employee will receive a 10-minute massage.

Massage Benefits:

  • Increase daily productivity
  • Decrease the amount of work-place stress
  • Helps reduce work-place injuries


Rate$120 per hour