Sports Chiropractors Mount Pleasant, SC

We’re the best sports chiropractors in the area because we can handle all kinds of sports-related issues – such as injury rehab.

When undergoing sports chiropractic care, your injuries will be full assessed based on different symptoms. Having neck pain, low back pain, or carpal tunnel doesn’t necessarily mean that the issues stem from your neck, back, or wrists. In some cases, after a full assessment, we discover what’s really causing your injury, fix it for you, and help you rehab it properly.

So, if you do have problems with carpal tunnel – which can come about playing sports like golf, tennis or baseball – then sports chiropractic care will help you out. The same can be said for any other joint injuries, muscle problems, or issues relating to neck pain.

Feel free to contact Corrective Chiropractic if you want the best treatment in Mt. Pleasant, SC. From curing neck pain to dealing with specialist pediatric and pre-natal chiropractic services, we’ve got everything covered for you.