10 cents Goes a Long Way

Only ten cents you say?!?! Now that I have the attention of all you bargain hunters out there, let me begin by letting everyone know that I haven’t lost my mind and we haven’t lowered our visit fees to a mere pair of nickels. However, now is a great time to break open that ceramic piggy on your dresser and find yourself a shiny dime…you got it…it’s the tiny one with the embossed image of a dashing F.D.R. Do you have one yet?… Perfect. Hold on tight, we’ll get back to it.

But first, if you recall from previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of the Central Nervous System (our brain and spinal cord). These structures not only provide life giving function to an otherwise lifeless collection of organs, bone and muscles, but the nervous system is also the hardest working aspect of your body. It never rests. Even when you are asleep your body is adapting and responding to an innumerable amount of stimuli; both from the internal and external environments. The central nervous system is ALWAYS ON, ready to adapt, heal and regulate every function of your life.

Now for a moment, image that your central nervous system wasn’t a part of you, but rather, imagine that it was more like a close friend, a relative, or better yet, an employee, working for Your Body Inc. I think we all can agree that someone like that would deserve the absolute best treatment. One who has your back every step of the way. One who continues to work FOR YOU, even when you are asleep. As a small business owner, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for an employee like that. I’d make 100% sure they had all the tools and resources for continued success. And I certainly wouldn’t let anyone or anything derail or interfere with their production.

Alright, now let us again apply these attributes and characteristics back to our Central Nervous System. You have that dime yet?… Great! How does the dime feel in your hand…between your fingers…on your skin? It’s doubtful that anyone of you out there are overwhelmed by the immense weight of 10 cents. BUT GET THIS! Did you know that it only takes the weight of a dime (roughly 8-10 mmHg) to produce pressure that can significantly reduce the function of nerve impulses? Some research suggests as much as 40-60% of nerve function can be lost due to the weight of a dime. Subluxations (or misalignments) of the bony spine cause direct pressure on the cord that can equal or exceed the pressure created by a ten cent piece. Because of the direct approximation with the cord, such an event (subluxations) is devastating to the spinal cord and nervous system as a whole.

I didn’t set out being a Chiropractor to make money. I want to help people’s bodies function at their highest level WITHOUT INTERFERENCE. But… I’ll gladly help take that 10 cents off your nerves.dime-1124377_1920

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