10 cents Goes a Long Way

Only ten cents you say?!?! Now that I have the attention of all you bargain hunters out there, let me begin by letting everyone know that I haven’t lost my mind and we haven’t lowered our visit fees to a mere pair of nickels. However, now is a great time to break open that ceramic piggy on your dresser and find yourself a shiny dime…you got it…it’s the tiny one with the embossed image of a dashing F.D.R. Do you have one yet?… Perfect. Hold on tight, we’ll get back to it.

But first, if you recall from previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of the Central Nervous System (our brain and spinal cord). These structures not only provide life giving function to an otherwise lifeless collection of organs, bone and muscles, but the nervous system is also the hardest working aspect of your body. It never rests. Even when you are asleep your body is adapting and responding to an innumerable amount of stimuli; both from the internal and external environments. The central nervous system is ALWAYS ON, ready to adapt, heal and regulate every function of your life.

Now for a moment, image that your central nervous system wasn’t a part of you, but rather, imagine that it was more like a close friend, a relative, or better yet, an employee, working for Your Body Inc. I think we all can agree that someone like that would deserve the absolute best treatment. One who has your back every step of the way. One who continues to work FOR YOU, even when you are asleep. As a small business owner, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for an employee like that. I’d make 100% sure they had all the tools and resources for continued success. And I certainly wouldn’t let anyone or anything derail or interfere with their production.

Alright, now let us again apply these attributes and characteristics back to our Central Nervous System. You have that dime yet?… Great! How does the dime feel in your hand…between your fingers…on your skin? It’s doubtful that anyone of you out there are overwhelmed by the immense weight of 10 cents. BUT GET THIS! Did you know that it only takes the weight of a dime (roughly 8-10 mmHg) to produce pressure that can significantly reduce the function of nerve impulses? Some research suggests as much as 40-60% of nerve function can be lost due to the weight of a dime. Subluxations (or misalignments) of the bony spine cause direct pressure on the cord that can equal or exceed the pressure created by a ten cent piece. Because of the direct approximation with the cord, such an event (subluxations) is devastating to the spinal cord and nervous system as a whole.

I didn’t set out being a Chiropractor to make money. I want to help people’s bodies function at their highest level WITHOUT INTERFERENCE. But… I’ll gladly help take that 10 cents off your nerves.dime-1124377_1920


“Hello, my name is Josh”

“I was deaf 17 years and I expected to always remain so, for I had doctored a great deal without any benefit. I had long ago made up my mind to not take any more ear treatments, for it did me no good.  Last January Dr. Palmer told me that my deafness came from an injury in my spine. This was new to me; but it is a fact that my back was injured at the time I went deaf. Dr. Palmer treated me on the spine; in two treatments I could hear quite well. That was eight months ago. My hearing remains good.”

                               – HARVEY LILLARD, 320 W. Eleventh St., Davenport, Iowa *Excerpt courtesy of Palmer College Health Sciences Library


It was a correction of the spine that restored Mr. Lillard’s hearing back in 1895. While I am immensely thankful to have all my bodily faculties functioning at their highest level, I must admit, at times I longed for a miraculous story to share with my patients. How I was blind and could see after an adjustment. How I was deaf and could hear, or was lame and could walk after correction to my spine. Maybe you’ve heard a similar story of the miracles following chiropractic treatment. They’re real, they exist, both 100 years ago and today…but this isn’t one of those stories. However, despite its’ apparent lack of flare or drama, this story at its’ core is equally as miraculous because of one very important element…YOU… so let’s begin…

My name is Dr. Josh Buck. You can call me Josh. I was born in Ohio the son of a Chiropractor. My father Dr. Richard Buck still practices today, 28 years later, in my hometown. I didn’t dream of becoming a chiropractor as a kid and while I knew that my dad was a “doctor of chiropractic” this title was merely a word to me growing up. Looking back now, my lack of curiosity toward what exactly my father did astounds me. But as a kid, I had more important things to think about. Like, memorizing the entire starting lineup for the Cleveland Indians, collecting baseball cards or the most important thing, playing endless hours of catch, pickle and homerun-derby in the street with the other neighborhood kids. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I loved baseball. I was a 4-sport athlete in high school. It was a small school in a small conference, but I didn’t care. Determined to play ball at the highest level provided a drive that placed me in some of the most competitive summer and fall leagues in the city. I rarely missed a game due to injury. For that matter, I rarely missed school for any reason. I can recall my dad adjusting my sister and I at the first sign of a cold, or during the flu season. Again, a lack of curiosity or preoccupancy with self, I never wondered why we got our spines checked. To me it was just something that we did.

Despite a few small offers from other schools, I decided to attend a small school is Mid-West Ohio where a close friend was already enrolled and playing baseball. My freshman year, I sustained a hip injury while diving for a ball during practice. In addition to being injured, my drive for baseball began to wane and I became more interested in other things; namely the female co-eds at school. While I never returned to college baseball after my freshman year, the injury to my hip lingered past the season. During the season I sought treatment from the team trainers and the school’s sports physician, but never resolved the issue. One day, my dad called and said he had a friend in town who was a chiropractor…there was that word again…who agreed to see me for free as a professional courtesy to my father. Dr. Bean took my x-rays and explained to me that my spine looked like “a 75 year old man” trapped inside of a 19 year old’s body. He described how the body worked as one whole unit; made up of many parts, but all working in unison under direction of the central nervous system. This made sense to me.

I was at the time a biology major and uncertain of what exactly I wanted to do with such an ambiguous degree. Following several visits to Dr. Bean, my hip pain was entirely gone and I returned home for the summer and became more interested in what exactly my dad and Dr. Bean did with the spine to affect how my body functioned. I played in a wooden bat league that summer and pondered what I would focus on in school when I returned in the fall. After some deliberation and way too many liberal arts courses, I decided that I wanted to serve people and educate them on being healthy.

My mother and brother-in-law were both nurses, so I enrolled in the nursing program my junior year. Let me preface these next few sentences with this: Nurses are quite possibly the most unique people on the planet. In addition to being entirely selfless, they are unfortunately often overlooked and underappreciated within the healthcare field by the rest of their colleagues. While in school I learned to give patients showers, wipe their backsides, rotate and lift patients from beds and even had the “pleasure” of aiding in the administration of a rather large suppository. I’ll often joke that this experience was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in my nursing career. Through this experience I learned that nursing wasn’t exactly for me. While I have the upmost respect for these professionals, I wanted to help people in a different way; like Dr. Bean helped me. I wanted to learn more about how the body worked as a whole and to someday educate others on how the body has a unique ability to self heal. Entering my senior year, I returned to finish my biology degree and sought the guidance of my father about the philosophy, science and art of ChiropracTIC and the profession of being a chiropracTOR. And the rest is history.

Maybe by now you’re thinking, “nice story Josh. But you said this is about ME”. While I’m glad you’ve continued reading and you’re right this is entirely about YOU.

I have carried over my father’s passion for the treating the WHOLE body and the caring, nurturing spirit of my mother into this profession. I’ve devoted countless hours of study and work every day to better understand how the body works. With the help of my beautiful wife Becca, I’m understanding more about how exercise psychology and physiology can revolutionize the way we can prevent illness and injury. With a premium facility, we can better assess the specific needs of our patients and provide the premiere in office experience to ensure optimal results. All of this…just for YOU. This isn’t an over-arching message or silly sales gimmick. This is who I AM, this is who WE ARE… real people who really care about giving you real results through corrective chiropractic care. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog and get to know us a bit better. I hope that you’ll stop in soon so that we can meet and get to know YOU a bit better too.img_7383-1


Kick Your Fall Allergies BEFORE They Start

Fall is just around the corner, and with the excitement of football season, hot cider drinks, and cool, crisp autumn air comes the fear of seasonal allergens. If you or someone you love is plagued by sniffles and itchy eyes that prevent many from the joys of the fall season, READ ON, because there is hope and relief on the way…

The Nervous System is divided into two divisions for understanding; but both aspects work together to innervate and supply sensation to the body. These two aspects are the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS is composed of the brain and spinal cord. The PNS is an extension of the CNS (directly off of the spinal cord) and again sub-divided into our motor and sensory nerves. The motor division controls all the muscles and organs within your body. Largely, we have direct control (voluntary) over our muscles, this is called our “somatic” innervation. The organs basically operate on their own and because of this it’s called “autonomic” innervation. (Still confused…see the image below)

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.25.28 PM

So what about your allergies?

Well, you made it through the quick neurology lesson. As you see, the Autonomic nervous system supplies the processes in our bodies that happen Automatically (hence the name). These processes include the IMMUNE system responses that occur when we get “sick” and when we are exposed to allergens. The Sympathetic nervous system division (see the image above) is referred to as our “fight or flight” response system. The other side of that coin is the Parasympathetic system. This division is called the “rest and digest” system. Our bodies desperately want to maintain a balance, or equilibrium, between these two divisions. If one side is more active than another, we being to see and experience internal stress and symptoms. Corrective Chiropractic adjustments help to ensure this balance is maintained by working directly with the roots of the nervous system…your spine.

The connection between the immune response from allergies and the nervous system is well documents and researched. In fact, new research produced from the UVA (University of Virginia) found even more evidence to support a direct linkage between the immune system and the CNS as described above. (Follow the link to read an abbreviated synopsis of their findings:https://news.virginia.edu/content/shocking-new-role-found-immune-system-controlling-social-interactions?utm_source=Illimitable&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=news )

We now understand, and science proves, that a stronger immune system can diminish and even prevent many of the symptoms associated with allergies. The allergic response (or reaction) is a system OVER-reaction, causing a release of defense antibodies. Boosting the immune system naturally will help to prevent hyperactive responses. This is a NATURAL process and will NOT predispose the body to any additional stress.

If you are sick and tired of taking countless doses of allergy medication every spring and fall, then maybe it is time for a more natural, holistic approach.

Corrective adjustments are specifically designed to relieve biomechanical (movement) and inflammatory stress placed on the nervous system. Taking away stress and interference on the nervous system will NATURALLY BOOST your IMMUNE SYSTEM and help alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms.

Personally, I’m living proof that this works. From a young age I suffered greatly from seasonal allergies and asthma. When I was roughly 8 years old, my symptoms began to get out of control. The symptoms would get so bad, that originally I was prescribed an inhaler to be present and used anytime I was active outside. As a kid, that is NOT a way you want to live! I wasn’t able to participate in the sports like I once did without crazy allergy symptoms. My parents decided it was time that I receive regular care and I began to get adjusted by my dad (He is a chiropractor too) more regularly, NOT just when I had symptoms. This approach of being more proactive and preventative had a significant impact on my overall health. My parents will both tell you that after receiving regular corrective care I had NO NEED for the inhaler or other prescribed allergy medications.

Whether or not you are medicated for your allergy symptoms, I encourage everyone to take a good look at the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms. Chiropractic “de-stressing” of the nervous system is a safe, effective and natural way to boost immunity and prevent the horrors of seasonal allergens. Corrective Chiropractic adjustments are the key to a more proactive and healthy life.

*Remember, that your medicated regimen is between you and your medical doctor. Always consult them first before discontinuing prescribed treatments.


Feeding Decatur – Nutrition

“Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.”

– Hippocrates


Hippocrates is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers in human history. His knowledge of the body was beyond his time; and for his advancement and ethical practice as a Greek physician, we continue to honor his legacy to this day by reciting the Hippocratic oath attributed to his name. (It is not believed that he actually wrote the oath however)

Pretty wise guy to say the least. Unfortunately, many of the core foundations of health that he ascribed to have gone by the wayside in this modern era.

Wait! Before you decide to hit the back button on your browser or [x] out of this post…hear me out.

This isn’t a Chiropractor “bashing of modern medicine”. Quite the contrary. Some of my dearest friends and even family work in the medical profession as doctors and nurses. I’m NOT one of those Chiropractors that will tell you to “never take a pill” or to “avoid your M.D. like the plague”…nope, NOT that guy. What I am, is a big supporter of “HEALTH”. While I prefer a conservative, more holistic approach, I recognize modern medicine has its place and appreciate its practice.

So…breathe…and thanks for continuing to read…

I wanted to talk about nutrition. It’s a term we throw around haphazardly…like a hot potato (by the way, I prefer sweet potatoes). But when we research “nutrition”, there are hundreds of varying theories, thoughts and preferences. Personally, I like to ascribe to the notion that our nutrition should be FOOD…and I think my boy Hippocrates would agree.

Let me clarify. Food, to me, means that what I’m eating is the first, primary and preferably the ONLY ingredient on the “nutrition label”. Take a look a some of the labels in your refrigerator or cupboard. How many ingredients are listed? Are the ingredients “whole foods”? Can you pronounce all the ingredients? I encourage each of you to play this little game next time you go grocery shopping. Notice, after you shop and begin to unload the usual refrigerator and cupboard fare, what types of “food” you’re stocking your shelves with.

Unfortunately, even some of the whole food options we buy are lacking in terms of nutrients. Jessica Elizondo is a Certified Nutritional Advisor, health advocate and known social media personality. Take a look at what she has to say about whole food nutrition.

“Nutrition is a key component to maintaining an optimally functioning body. With my clients I discuss the difference between “living” and “dead” foods. Food is intended to give our bodies life – we utilize the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other components of our food as fuel. However, if the food has been processed or altered in such a way that almost no natural nutrients exist, then manufacturers (or food creators) need to add those lost nutrients back into the food. The problem, though, is that the body does not fully recognize those added nutrients and must discard them, hence causing that food to be considered a “dead” food. Make sure to fuel your body with foods that have life, so your body can have abundant life, too!”  – Jessica, CNC

Maybe shopping has always been a chore for you. Or maybe you’re confused about some of the items in your pantry. My good friend Jessica would love to help you clear out the chaos that has become your nutrition. Follow her on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/more_than_food

Send her a message to request a consult, and learn how to truly “let food be thy medicine”.



Flip Your Perspective Decatur

It was a beautiful day here in Decatur, GA. A Wednesday to be specific. A day when many of us are fully engrossed in our work, school or social week, and the glories of the weekend still seem so far away. It’s called “hump-day” by many…and why not? Maybe being “stumped by the hump” in the middle of your week is exactly how you feel.

For myself, Wednesday is one of my “GO” days. It’s a day that I am intentional about being extra, extra productive because of the anticipated weekend approaching. Socially, Wednesdays are days that most “outside of work” events or groups are organized to avoid interfering with the almighty Fridays and Saturdays. Although Tuesdays and Thursdays are making a strong comeback. Regardless of where you find your work, school, fitness or social calendar on Wednesdays, it is the middle of the traditional working week and a great time to shake things up!

Neurologically, the body responds very well to being upside down. Below are listed some of the benefits of “getting upside down” :

Improved circulation from the lower extremities – returning oxygenated blood from the lower body toward the heart.

Nervous system WAKE UP – inversions are uncommon for many of us during the day – it’s a great, natural way to wake up!

Core strengthener – developing balance from a different area other than from the feet activates our core muscles.

Shoulder strengthener – especially during “stands” (head, shoulder, hand, etc.)

Endorphin booster – Endorphins stimulate the “pleasure” or “feel good” centers of our brains. Naturally, we produce a healthy amount of endorphins during exercise.

Caution: Before attempting any inversions, be sure you are cleared to exercise by a practicing physician (Chiropractor, MD, or other). It is NOT suggested to attempt inversions if you have a history of “blood flow issues” (chronic headaches, vertigo, glaucoma, elevated blood pressure, etc.) Additionally, head, neck or low back injuries should be properly evaluated before attempting any inversions, especially those requiring balance on either the head, shoulders or arms.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is a blog directed to encourage healthy living and various forms of functional fitness. The reader is thereby solely responsible for any injury or occurrence that may result from attempting inverted poses or other exercise. (I can’t believe I need to put this in, but it is a crazy world)

There is absolutely no reason to fear inversions. Being upside down is safe and fun when done with proper alignment and guidance from a professional or seasoned inverter (I think that’s a word). When you are ready, put your hesitations and doubts aside and flip your perspective on inversion poses.

Maybe you’ve been practicing being upside down for years…or maybe you are considering beginning an exercise routine for the first time. Regardless of where you are in your health journey, begin to bust the mid-week hump by generating some natural endorphins for your brain and your body. Even the gentlest of movement or stretching is enough to produce positive results.

If you enjoy getting inverted already…GREAT…follow me on social media: @DecaturChiro404 (Instagram) or, https://www.facebook.com/DecaturChiropractor (Facebook)

Post yourself getting upside down during your fitness routine and tag me. I’d love to see how y’all shake up your Wednesdays!



Summer Olympics – Weightlifting Basics

Maybe you’re like me, and for the past week or so you’ve spent more time watching table tennis, fencing, speed-walking and other “less popular” Olympic events than ever before. Maybe you’re like many Americans, and are pulling off, what I like to call, the “21st Century Olympic Trifecta”. This means that your watching the Games on TV, while streaming from your computer and your smart phone. With all this American spirit and excitement in the air, every local swimming pool and gym will be packed with the future Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Shi Zhiyong training for the 2020 games.

… wait… Shi Z-who? Exactly.

These Olympics, I’ve found myself distracted from the more popular mainstream sports and really interested in the lesser-known (or at least, less popularized) individual events.

Shi Zhiyong is the Chinese male weight lifter who recently won gold in the 69kg (152 lb) weight class by lifting an impressive 352 kg of weight between two different lifts: The Snatch and Clean-and-Jerk.

The “snatch” is a very popular Olympic lift that has gained popularity via the CrossFit community. This movement requires the athlete to lift the loaded barbell from the ground, directly overhead in a single, fluid motion. The “clean-and-jerk” lift allows the athlete to “pause” at his or her chest after lifting the barbell from the floor, before forcefully pressing the weight fully overhead. Shi completed these two lifts for a combined weight that was over FIVE TIMES (5x) his own body weight. For those who struggle with conversions, like me, 352kg is 776.027 pounds. That’s a lot of weight! (I really had to fight hard to not type “a ton” of weight.)

So before you go and start tossing around bumper plates at your local gym, keep a few things in mind:

#1 – these are very technical lifts and require years of dedicated practice to master just the movement. So start by using little to no weight. I recommend everyone participate in an introductory CrossFit (or similar) weight-lifting class before attempting any of these lifts. I personally enjoy and appreciate the thorough coaching I’ve received at CrossFit Decatur http://crossfitdecatur.com/ 

Many coaches will require their athletes to begin practicing with a flexible PVC pipe or even a broomstick. The best lifters have developed efficiency and muscle memory through countless hours of repetition. So again, start slow… you’ve got 4 whole years until the next Olympics.

#2 – the key to successful weight-lifting (or any movement for that matter) is to maintain a neutral spine. This will not only aid in injury prevention but also allow all the essential muscle groups to activate appropriately to ensure the most biomechanically efficient lift.

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Ask about a functional movement assessment to help improve your fitness and daily activities safely. Check back regularly for more information and videos regarding functional fitness, nutrition and holistic health. And, remember to tune in to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to cheers on the amazing athletes during their final week of competition. USA, USA, USA !!! 



HEADS-UP Decatur : Understanding your Headaches

One of the most common complaints of the individuals that present into a chiropractor’s office is, without a doubt, headaches.

Though the causative nature of headaches may vary, from toxicity (food, alcohol, medication) to numerous stressors (postural, emotional, etc.), there are TWO consistent factors seen in ALL headaches.

#1 Headaches SUCK! Literally. Whether sporadic or chronic, a headache will rob you of fully experiencing your environment. It can “suck” the life out of our relationships and interactions. It can “suck” your drive and energy, diminishing your performance at work or at the gym. Wherever and however your headaches are affecting you, I think we all can agree, they just plain suck!

#2 Your headaches are a sign of dis-ease! But before you start freaking out, let me assure you that my spelling of “dis-ease” was not a typo. “Dis” is the root word meaning “an absence or lack” of something. “Ease”, at its root, means “balance, harmony, coordination”. So effectively, this means that your headaches are a sign of imbalance somewhere in your body. Possibly there is a muscular imbalance brought on by postural stress. Perhaps you’re experiencing vascular (blood supply) imbalance from toxicity. Or maybe, joint dysfunction is causing inflammation and leading to neurologic (nerve supply) imbalance. Whatever the cause of your headaches and however they are causing imbalance in your life, you want them GONE, and so do I.

The connection between the brain and the spinal cord is unique. Did you know that your spinal cord is made of the EXACT SAME tissue as your brain? Essentially, your spinal cord is a long EXTENSION of your brain. The base or bottom of the bony skull that houses that beautiful brain of yours is called the OCCIPUT and the first vertebrae of your bony spine is called ATLAS. Like your brain and cord, the connection between OCCIPUT and ATLAS is unique. Both segments are designed with large holes to allow the bulkiest portion of your spinal cord to pass through. However, unlike other bony segments in the spine, this uppermost joint space glides in ALL directions on what we call “condyles”. This allows you to rotate, bend, flex and extend your head in every direction imaginable. Such a large percentage of your total head movement occurs at this joint because of its unique design. However, dysfunction at this joint can lead to segmental misalignment. And even the slightest misalignment (we’re talking millimeters) can offset the open holes that our cord passes through, placing undue stress on your spinal connection to your brain.

Corrective adjustments aim to restore motion and segmental integrity to spinal joints where dysfunction occurs. Because of the uniqueness of the occiput-atlas joint and the direct relationship with the brain and cord, it is essential that this region be analyzed and corrected when necessary…especially in our headache patients.

Don’t let a headache suck any more of your life away. Discover if corrective chiropractic care can help you regain total body harmony and begin to rid you of those pesky headaches today.

Decatur Chiropractor

Decatur doctor gets on the city’s nerves…

Finally, a local doctor who can really get on your nerves!

It may come as no surprise to you, but as a society and as a species (the human type) we are getting progressively less healthy. Likely, you’re also not surprised by the vast amount of supplemental, nutritional, dietary and fitness “revelations” that seemingly “spring up” from the blue on a daily basis. It can be frustrating and confusing, leaving most of us feeling defeated and alone in our health journey.

But it doesn’t have to be this way Decatur! In fact, we are designed with an innate (inborn) ability to express true health. Whether you’re a fitness guru, one looking to get a jump-start on their New Year’s resolution or someone who has been fighting with your health for years, EVERYONE in Decatur can begin to express more health and experience more energy, less pain and more life RIGHT NOW!

Join me each week as we explore the structures that direct the functions of our body, and how to unlock the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of. In addition, we will investigate the hottest places in Decatur to help fuel your healthy lifestyle. Check back next week as we discuss how your “headaches don’t have to be a headache any more”. And find out where I go in Decatur to manage daily stress in next week’s post, “Heads-up”.Decatur Chiropractor


New Office Location!

We are happy to announce our newest location opening in Decatur! Please contact our office for the latest updates.