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“Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.”

– Hippocrates


Hippocrates is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers in human history. His knowledge of the body was beyond his time; and for his advancement and ethical practice as a Greek physician, we continue to honor his legacy to this day by reciting the Hippocratic oath attributed to his name. (It is not believed that he actually wrote the oath however)

Pretty wise guy to say the least. Unfortunately, many of the core foundations of health that he ascribed to have gone by the wayside in this modern era.

Wait! Before you decide to hit the back button on your browser or [x] out of this post…hear me out.

This isn’t a Chiropractor “bashing of modern medicine”. Quite the contrary. Some of my dearest friends and even family work in the medical profession as doctors and nurses. I’m NOT one of those Chiropractors that will tell you to “never take a pill” or to “avoid your M.D. like the plague”…nope, NOT that guy. What I am, is a big supporter of “HEALTH”. While I prefer a conservative, more holistic approach, I recognize modern medicine has its place and appreciate its practice.

So…breathe…and thanks for continuing to read…

I wanted to talk about nutrition. It’s a term we throw around haphazardly…like a hot potato (by the way, I prefer sweet potatoes). But when we research “nutrition”, there are hundreds of varying theories, thoughts and preferences. Personally, I like to ascribe to the notion that our nutrition should be FOOD…and I think my boy Hippocrates would agree.

Let me clarify. Food, to me, means that what I’m eating is the first, primary and preferably the ONLY ingredient on the “nutrition label”. Take a look a some of the labels in your refrigerator or cupboard. How many ingredients are listed? Are the ingredients “whole foods”? Can you pronounce all the ingredients? I encourage each of you to play this little game next time you go grocery shopping. Notice, after you shop and begin to unload the usual refrigerator and cupboard fare, what types of “food” you’re stocking your shelves with.

Unfortunately, even some of the whole food options we buy are lacking in terms of nutrients. Jessica Elizondo is a Certified Nutritional Advisor, health advocate and known social media personality. Take a look at what she has to say about whole food nutrition.

“Nutrition is a key component to maintaining an optimally functioning body. With my clients I discuss the difference between “living” and “dead” foods. Food is intended to give our bodies life – we utilize the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other components of our food as fuel. However, if the food has been processed or altered in such a way that almost no natural nutrients exist, then manufacturers (or food creators) need to add those lost nutrients back into the food. The problem, though, is that the body does not fully recognize those added nutrients and must discard them, hence causing that food to be considered a “dead” food. Make sure to fuel your body with foods that have life, so your body can have abundant life, too!”  – Jessica, CNC

Maybe shopping has always been a chore for you. Or maybe you’re confused about some of the items in your pantry. My good friend Jessica would love to help you clear out the chaos that has become your nutrition. Follow her on Instagram at:

Send her a message to request a consult, and learn how to truly “let food be thy medicine”.


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