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It was a beautiful day here in Decatur, GA. A Wednesday to be specific. A day when many of us are fully engrossed in our work, school or social week, and the glories of the weekend still seem so far away. It’s called “hump-day” by many…and why not? Maybe being “stumped by the hump” in the middle of your week is exactly how you feel.

For myself, Wednesday is one of my “GO” days. It’s a day that I am intentional about being extra, extra productive because of the anticipated weekend approaching. Socially, Wednesdays are days that most “outside of work” events or groups are organized to avoid interfering with the almighty Fridays and Saturdays. Although Tuesdays and Thursdays are making a strong comeback. Regardless of where you find your work, school, fitness or social calendar on Wednesdays, it is the middle of the traditional working week and a great time to shake things up!

Neurologically, the body responds very well to being upside down. Below are listed some of the benefits of “getting upside down” :

Improved circulation from the lower extremities – returning oxygenated blood from the lower body toward the heart.

Nervous system WAKE UP – inversions are uncommon for many of us during the day – it’s a great, natural way to wake up!

Core strengthener – developing balance from a different area other than from the feet activates our core muscles.

Shoulder strengthener – especially during “stands” (head, shoulder, hand, etc.)

Endorphin booster – Endorphins stimulate the “pleasure” or “feel good” centers of our brains. Naturally, we produce a healthy amount of endorphins during exercise.

Caution: Before attempting any inversions, be sure you are cleared to exercise by a practicing physician (Chiropractor, MD, or other). It is NOT suggested to attempt inversions if you have a history of “blood flow issues” (chronic headaches, vertigo, glaucoma, elevated blood pressure, etc.) Additionally, head, neck or low back injuries should be properly evaluated before attempting any inversions, especially those requiring balance on either the head, shoulders or arms.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is a blog directed to encourage healthy living and various forms of functional fitness. The reader is thereby solely responsible for any injury or occurrence that may result from attempting inverted poses or other exercise. (I can’t believe I need to put this in, but it is a crazy world)

There is absolutely no reason to fear inversions. Being upside down is safe and fun when done with proper alignment and guidance from a professional or seasoned inverter (I think that’s a word). When you are ready, put your hesitations and doubts aside and flip your perspective on inversion poses.

Maybe you’ve been practicing being upside down for years…or maybe you are considering beginning an exercise routine for the first time. Regardless of where you are in your health journey, begin to bust the mid-week hump by generating some natural endorphins for your brain and your body. Even the gentlest of movement or stretching is enough to produce positive results.

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Post yourself getting upside down during your fitness routine and tag me. I’d love to see how y’all shake up your Wednesdays!


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