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Is Walking A Better Workout Than Running?

Running and walking, the two purest forms of exercise there is.  You see yourself sweating much more during running, so that’s got to be the one that’s most beneficial to you, but what do scientists say?  Here’s how running versus walking stack up against each other, and find out if running is better than walking.  […]

Why Working Out At Night Is 100 Times Better

In the pursuit of healthy living we’ve fallen into thinking that working out is the best way to start the day. Newsflash: Morning workouts are not for everyone.  Do you know anyone who’s never hit snooze on their morning exercise alarm? If you’re the type who takes their time waking up, and thereby missing the […]

The Mental Health Benefits You Can Get From Exercise

When you look in the mirror after an intense workout session, you’ll see how your sweat gave you a rockin’ bod. You should know that you’re not seeing everything in the mirror. Up in your head, your mental space is so much better through exercise – that’s scientifically proven too. Get a boost of endorphins […]