Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs “The Core”

“The Core”


Many of my clients at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs workout regularly. Whether it is CrossFit, Marathons, Ironmans, or weight training, I have found that people get injured from time to time without any warning signs. How could this be?


The athletes I work with a train at a very high level and from the naked eye, you would think they are in great shape. The reason is that assuming your body is functioning properly because you look and feel great, performing better than you used to, is unsound and will eventually lead to injury.


The problem is almost always compensation. First, very few people know how to breathe properly. As babies we all breathe with our diaphragms but as we age we unlearn the correct way to breathe. Instead, we lift our shoulders and expand our chests to breathe, usually in a shallow rapid rate. This is considered stressful breathing. Not only are you not getting enough oxygen to your muscles and organs but what most people don’t realize is that the diaphragm is a muscle just like any other. And just like any other muscle, the diaphragm gets tight if not stretched and used properly.


When this happens the improper alignment of the torso over the hips due to stressful breathing, along with a dysfunctional diaphragm, results in compensation patterns along the anterior and posterior chains. When muscles are forced to compensate this leads to muscle fatigue and failure. Muscles that are meant for support and stability are now overworked and leaving the body in an unstable state. The athlete then goes to perform what he or she considers a routine movement and gets injured out of nowhere. Little did they know that their body had been compensating for some time and finally reached the point where injury occurred.


In our office and in the workshops that we do for local businesses we teach people how to


1) Manually release your diaphragm so it can expand properly during normal breathing.


2) Utilize diaphragmatic breathing and not stressful breathing.


3) Perform specific exercises that will strengthen your core musculature responsible for maintaining stability, not just creating a nice six pack.


Interested in learning how to release your diaphragm, breathe properly, and strengthen your core for maximum stability! Send us an email at correctiveperimeter@gmail.com


From Ironworker to Chiropractor – The Story of Dr. Adam Podraza

From Ironworker to Chiropractor – The story of Dr. Adam Podraza


Ten years ago I was working as an IronWorker in New York City. Five hundred feet in the air walking on a steel beam no wider than your foot. From that height, the people in the streets below are the size of ants. The building swaying side to side, wind gusts ranging from a soft breeze to gusts that would blow you right off of the beam, the rush was incredible! I loved my job yet, I always knew there was something more for me.


As life would have it, at that time I was living with a friend of mine who worked in the film industry and specifically with an organization called Chiromission. He noticed I was missing something in my life and invited me to come on a mission trip with him to the Dominican Republic. It’s interesting how you can look back on a decision that had such a dramatic influence on your life and think, where would I be right now had that not happened? I will always look back on that trip as the greatest decision I have ever made, next to asking my lovely wife out on our first date of course.


In my career as an Ironworker, I had my fair share of injuries. On multiple occasions, I had been sent to a Chiropractor to help with back pain. While I did see improvement through getting adjusted the Chiropractor, I was working with never explained to me about innate intelligence and the power of the nervous system. On the mission trip to the Dominican Republic, I saw the real power and beauty of Chiropractic. Listened to many speakers about experiences adjusting people with serious issues and their miraculous recoveries. I had so many great experiences on that trip, too many to mention, let’s just say that they will all be in my book one day. The last night while we met in the conference room I was on stage telling everyone about what had happened to me over those four days. I swore to them that the next time I came on this trip, I would be a doctor. I had found my passion and purpose in life, to be a Chiropractor.


Since that day years ago in the Dominican Republic, I have earned my Associates degree in human services, my Bachelors degree in Biology, and my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I was the student council president at Life University during my time there. I was also class president as well. Met my beautiful wife while attending earning my doctorate and now have two wonderful children. I decided to stay in the Georgia (somewhere I never thought I would be) after graduating and opened a practice in sandy Springs. Now I am seeing people’s lives changing on a daily basis in my own practice! I couldn’t be happier with my choice to be a Chiropractor and look forward to helping countless others improve their life through the power of Chiropractic.

one nut woodworks brand

Handcraft Wooden Local Business – One Nut Woodworks

Here at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs we like to highlight local businesses that are of the highest quality and service. We feel our past, present and future clients benefit from learning more about the best businesses in the area. This week we have been highlighting a handcrafting wooden business that not only represents all of the qualities you would expect; honesty, great product, and excellent customer service. It also has a very inspiring story of how this handmade wooden business came to be and 10% of all proceeds are donated to Movember.

What is the name of your business and what is its function?

One Nut Woodworks. We specialize in making small handcrafting items ranging from cutting boards to coasters. We can build anything that you need, large or small, for home or Crossfit boxes.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

I have lived in Atlanta a total of 9 years, with 8 of those being continuous.

What do you like most about Atlanta?

I love the fact that the city is actually very large, but it has a small city feel. The neighborhoods/metro cities help add to this feel.

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?

All of our items are handcrafted locally in Tucker and we use locally sourced wood for all of our builds. We love to support the local environment.

Who is your ideal client?

Our products can cater to any client. From gifts for bridesmaids or groomsmen, to custom build kitchen Islands. We can support any project, large or small.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?

One Nut Woodworks is owned by a Testicular Cancer survivor. To help spread the word about men’s health, we donate 10% of all proceeds to Movember.


Local Business Highlight- Handler Homes of Palmerhouse Properties

Here at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs we like to highlight local businesses that are of the highest quality and service. We feel our past, present and future clients benefit from learning more about the best businesses in the area. This week we are highlighting one of Sandy Springs’ best real estate companies.

What is the name of your business and what is its function: pamela-handler-photo

Handler Homes of Palmerhouse Properties. We are a real estate company helping individuals buy and sell property in the metro Atlanta area.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

Pam has been in Atlanta since 1994 and Chris has been in Atlanta since 1985

What do you like most about Atlanta?

We love the diversity and growth of the city. Great weather and you get the best of both worlds – the city and then time to unwind in the mountains.

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?

We always make ourselves available to our clients – you get two agents for the price of one! We work with buyers and sellers going through all stages of their lives – from first time home buyers to baby boomers that are downsizing. Pam has the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation where she is knowledgeable about helping seniors downsize and move to active adult communities, she also has the luxury home designation where she is knowledgeable about marketing homes in the $500+ price point.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal clients are motivated sellers and qualified buyers. People relocating to Atlanta from other parts of the country and we can also help Atlantans who are moving outside of the Atlanta area by interviewing realtors for them. Other ideal clients are married couples expecting their first child and need to move to a larger house, baby boomers downsizing from their big family homes to smaller homes and condos.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?

95% of our clients come highly referred to us by our past clients and friends. We are Realtors not real estate agents – out people don’t know that there is a difference. Realtors are held to a higher standard and we members of the National Association of Realtors and the Atlanta Board of Realtors. We are advocates for our clients.

If you are located in the Sandy Springs area and would like us to highlight your business you can


Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs – Local Business Highlight

Here at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs we like to highlight local businesses that are of the highest quality and service. We feel our past, present and future clients benefit from learning more about the best businesses in the area. This week we are highlighting one of Sandy Springs best restaurants, Emidio’s! I have been their several times to eat and must say that the food is amazing and the service makes you feel like you are at home.
Welcome to Emidio’s Restaurant in Sandy Springs!
Our customers describe the experience as a feeling that you have traveled across the Atlantic to the Iberian Peninsula as you come in. Our menu contains primarily Portuguese Cuisine but it features Spanish and Italian classics such as “Paella Valenciana” from Spain and ” Veal Marsala” from Italy.img_6907
We sculpt home-cooked, family-Style plates with a passion that shows the flavors and colors unique of authentic Portuguese/European Cuisines. We specialize in seafood and lamb dishes, but cover and accommodate any palate with  Portuguese flavors and charm. We feature mainly wines from Portugal and all over Europe to pair with our cuisine.
Emidio and Maria are the owners, say Hi to them! They are always present with a smile and gratitude towards their customers.
Emidios Restaurant
8610 (8612 on GPS) Roswell Rd Sandy Springs Ga 30350 770-837-3373 and 770-912-8890

Business Highlight – LYNX Barbell


What is the name of your business and what is its function?


LYNX BARBELL – was founded in 2011 to be the go-to supplier of strength and conditioning equipment.  We manufacture top quality equipment and sell it for reasonable prices.  We also give back to our customer base by sponsoring athletes, events, and giving to certain causes.


How long have you been in Atlanta?


I grew up in Tyrone, GA but moved away for a few years.  I’ve been in the Atlanta area for a total of about 29 years.

What do you like most about Atlanta?


I love the sense of community and the pace of life.  It seems people are genuinely more friendly vs other places such as DC or New York.

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?


Customer service is an aspect of business that most fail at.  Here at LYNX customer service is the up most important value.  It is what separates a smaller business from the large globo super corporate companies.

Who is your ideal client?


My ideal client is one that seeks out quality and customer service vs just the cheapest thing they can find.  Price shoppers will always find a deal somewhere on eBay or Amazon but the quality will lack and you can forget about customer service.  We are interested in helping our loyal customer base outfit their gyms no matter how big or small.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?


LYNX BARBELL is a minority-owned small business.


How Getting Injured Improved My Life

Have you ever taken a step back from what you were doing and gotten a different point of view that changed your life? Whether it’s relationships, work, or in my case, physical fitness. Many times these brief glimpses you may be blessed to receive in life are not chosen but forced on us. You may have a friend or mentor who is telling you the same thing over and over again until you finally see it. For me, it was an injury that made me step back and see things in a whole new light.

About five to six months ago, everything was going great. My chiropractic office in Sandy Springs was growing; my family was happy with our newest addition, my daughter Silde, slowly integrating herself into our lives; and my fitness was going good, or at least I thought it was. As a chiropractor I am constantly teaching my clients about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, how your body needs proper nutrition, a routine of cardiovascular and strength training and regular chiropractic adjustments to live your life to the fullest! The question is, was I doing all of those things as well?

Several months ago, our staff members and I went on a team-building getaway. We went paddle boarding at Morgan Falls Overlook, which is a very beautiful lake if you are ever over that way. This was exciting for me because I had never been paddle boarding before. For all of you who are worried, it’s not that difficult once you stand up and get your balance. But really if you fall in anyway, it’s not bad because the cold river water is quite refreshing on a hot summer’s day. At one point we passed an area where you have the option of jumping off some cliff ledges into the water. I have done this before many times, at much higher heights throughout my entire life. It is something I love to do! I must have done something different this time — maybe it’s due to my age — but I didn’t stick the landing right at all! I left the team-building day overflowing with pride for our team and pain from my tailbone and lower back. Over the next month, I felt pain every time I sat down. This is where the real story begins.

For the next six to eight weeks after injuring my tailbone, I did not exercise at my favorite gym, CrossFit Perimeter. Over this time, I was getting adjusted three times a week and being very mindful of my body positioning while doing everything from adjusting to getting in and out of the car. I had been working out three to four times a week for nearly a year before I was injured and getting adjusted about once every other week. Not being able to work out anymore gave me a chance to reflect on the way I had been living my life while giving my body some time to heal.

The pain finally subsided enough for me to get back in the gym. I was nervous and anxious at the same time, kind of like when I first came in to the CrossFit gym a year earlier except this time it was not foreign to me; it just felt different. My first workout was painful and challenging. My body had gotten weak over the previous eight weeks of minimal exercise, but I felt great! Day after day, I began to regain my strength, but this time it came with a deep feeling of joy. This is when I realized that before I had gotten injured, I was taking certain things for granted, my health specifically. During my recovery, I was more diligent about getting adjusted. I was more observant of good posture, because bad posture hurt! And I really missed working out. Now my body was healed and my nerves more clear of stress than they had been for years previous.


So what’s the point of this story? If I did not get injured, I may have not have been reminded of the value of getting adjusted regularly, exercising with a purpose, and feeding your body what it needs to thrive! Empathy is one of the best qualities a doctor can have. It allows you to put yourself in your patient’s shoes and meet them where they are, suffering. Being reminded of the value of living what you preach has only made me a better chiropractor and person for my family and, most importantly, my community.


How your discs are similar to jelly donuts

How Does Chiropractic Help Disc Function?

When I am doing a report of findings for a new client at our Chiropractic office in Sandy Springs, and I get to the point where I am explaining how vertebral disc function affects spinal health, my clients often have a deer in the headlights expression on their face.

I believe this is because no one has ever really explained to them what vertebral discs are and how they function. It is important because if you don’t know how spinal discs are meant to function then how will you understand the subsequent health consequences if they are not functioning correctly or how Chiropractic can aid in restoring and maintaining them.

First, it’s important to understand the structure. Your spinal column (the bones) serves three main purposes; 1) to protect the spinal cord like a set of armor 2) to be the foundation of the body 3) to allow motion in all planes. In order to accomplish this the spinal column was made so that it can move at each segment. From top to bottom there are 24 freely movable vertebra. Each pair of adjacent segments are separated by a disc. The vertebral disc’s primary purpose is to act as a shock absorber between adjacent vertebrae. Spinal discs also act as ligaments that hold the vertebrae of the spine together and as cartilaginous joints that allow for slight mobility in the spine. At birth, 80% of a disc is composed of water. That means that throughout life the vertebral discs need to stay well hydrated to ensure their hydrostatic pressure.

In order for our clients to understand what a disc looks like and how it functions, I tell them to picture a jelly donut with the jelly being the Nucleus Pulposus or soft center of your spinal discs. The jelly or Nucleus Pulposus has rings around it that are similar to the rings you would see in the stump of a tree that has been cut down. Their purpose is to hold the jelly in. When your spinal column is in the correct alignment, which is straight when looking from the front and having specific curvature when looking from the side, the center of gravity and axial load of your body is in the center of each spinal disc distributing the weight equally.


The key to all of the information I have just provided is understanding how the vertebral disc functions. Just like every other cell in the human body the vertebral disc cells (proteoglycans) degenerate and need to be repaired and/or replaced. A little-known fact about the spine is that every one of us loses direct blood supply to our spinal discs by our late teens. The blood stream is the primary way our bodies deliver the essential building blocks for new cells. Without that direct blood supply the only way our vertebral discs get the water, amino acids and sugars they need is through a process called imbibition. I like to use a sponge as an example of how this works. When the discs are compressed, the waste products are pushed out of the disc. When the discs are decompressed or enlarge they suck in the amino acids, water, and sugars, they need to build new proteoglycans from the vertebral endplates above and below. This is where Chiropractic can help disc function. Two ways the vertebral discs do not get what they need from the endplates are; from lack of range of motion due to improper alignment and/or subluxation; and from arthritis forming on the endplates. Chiropractic adjustments are the only way of realigning the vertebra so they can function properly. Not only that, getting adjusted has been shown to reduce the process of arthritic endplate changes.

Without proper alignment and motion of the adjacent segments, a vertebral disc will degenerate. Once a disc degenerates its ability to function at 100% is compromised and leads to more degeneration which is a vicious negative feedback cycle.

I hope this brief explanation of how a disc works helped you understand a little more about the human spine. I don’t want to simply adjust our clients, it is our mission at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs to educate our clients and the community about how the body works so that we can help each and every one of them reach their optimal health.


Chiropractic kept me running towards my dream!

Can I keep exercising once I start care?

A common question I hear from new clients at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs is, can I keep exercising once I start chiropractic care?

Depending on the individual that could mean doing CrossFit, running marathons, playing tennis or even taking walks at night with their husband or wife. Some of us use this as our getaway from the real world and using exercise as an opportunity to destress or spend time with our loved ones. So why would I want to take that away from them the ‘thing’ that makes them the happiest?

Whatever it may be, their “why” is the reason they started care to begin with and avoiding those aches in order to get back to their daily routine at 100%. The joy of doing what they want to do actually helps with the progress of care because of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin that are released into the body while staying active. I always want our clients to stay active, as long as their body is functioning in a way that won’t cause any further damage, that is key. As long as they will not make their problem worse then I am 100% supportive of them being active and moving.

Instead of me telling you about working out and moving while under chiropractic care, here is a review from one of our clients who recently qualified for the Boston Marathon and someone you can see running through the streets of Atlanta:

” I hurt my back doing a deadlift at the gym (and after visits to a Sports Massage therapist she told me due to the swelling that I would likely need to take some time off).  In December, I made the decision to reach out to Adam… and asked him if there was anything he thought he could do to help and that’s when we went to work…  I remember asking him how much time he thought I was going to have to take off – and I remember him telling me “no time” – he would work with me to get me healthy again.”  – Erin Varano


This client is a passionate runner that recently completed the Boston marathon with a personal best time of 3:25:53. Beating her previous best by over seven minutes!

I will always take the clients health and ability to recover into consideration, but the reason they are seeing me is to enjoy their life to the fullest, so I want them to get back to their regular lifestyle as soon as possible. 


Testimonial Tuesday

Every Tuesday at Corrective Chiropractic – Sandy Springs we like to highlight one of our wonderful patients. This week we have chosen Pam Handler. Pam has been a pleasure to work with, always keeps her scheduled visits and is committed to living her life to it’s fullest potential! In our office we pride ourselves in giving each and every person who comes to us for Chiropractic care the best possible experience every time they walk through our doors!

“My experience with Dr. Adam has been very different from the other chiropractors I have used in the past.  There are many chiropractors in Atlanta, just like realtors and lenders they are everywhere but when you find someone who treats you like you’re special and they do everything in their power to help your life be better, then you’ve hit the jackpot.  Dr. Adam is the real deal, he’s genuine, caring, authentic, truthful, doesn’t try to sell you supplements and magic potions.  He is someone you can trust and know that what he does for you is always going to be in your best interest.”

-Pam Handler-_DSC9332