Importance of Posture

When it comes to neck and back health, posture is crucial. According to the latest statistics, nearly 86% of Americans work desk jobs, including Woodstock, GA. Who would have thought sitting to be detrimental to the health of our spine? Fortunately, our chiropractors offer intensive chiropractic care in Woodstock, GA.

Most Americans sit at their desks with poor posture. The most common sitting position chiropractors notice is a slouched position, with the neck bent and shoulders hunched over the chest. This places continuous pressure throughout the entire spine and poor chiropractic health.

The top of the spine supports the weight of the head as it bends over for long durations. The mid spine is arched over, cutting off proper circulation. The lower back then carries the brunt of the weight as the body naturally redistributes weight to keep from tipping out of the chair.

All these lengthened periods of misalignment of the spine causes deterioration of disks and painful constriction of nerves. Eventually, the spine can begin to naturally settle into the unusual posture often assumed. This is a common means to chiropractic pain for the average American worker. To improve, it requires professional chiropractic care.

If you thought lying down might bring relief, you may be wrong. The posture assumed while resting can, also, lead to additional chronic problems similar to those experienced from poor posture sitting.

For instance, if you typically sleep on your side and have a mattress that sags, then your hips will dip while your neck is elevated on a pillow. This will cause your back to settle into a curved position while sleeping. This may be your case if you tend to wake up with pain and significant back stiffness.

The general rule of thumb in chiropractic care for proper chiropractic health, concerning posture, is to maintain the natural curve of the spine. If the spine is unaligned, then unnecessary pressure will be placed on the spine.

Our team of professional chiropractors, from Woodstock, GA, can help restore health to your spine and teach proper posture.