Business Highlight – LYNX Barbell


What is the name of your business and what is its function?


LYNX BARBELL – was founded in 2011 to be the go-to supplier of strength and conditioning equipment.  We manufacture top quality equipment and sell it for reasonable prices.  We also give back to our customer base by sponsoring athletes, events, and giving to certain causes.


How long have you been in Atlanta?


I grew up in Tyrone, GA but moved away for a few years.  I’ve been in the Atlanta area for a total of about 29 years.

What do you like most about Atlanta?


I love the sense of community and the pace of life.  It seems people are genuinely more friendly vs other places such as DC or New York.

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?


Customer service is an aspect of business that most fail at.  Here at LYNX customer service is the up most important value.  It is what separates a smaller business from the large globo super corporate companies.

Who is your ideal client?


My ideal client is one that seeks out quality and customer service vs just the cheapest thing they can find.  Price shoppers will always find a deal somewhere on eBay or Amazon but the quality will lack and you can forget about customer service.  We are interested in helping our loyal customer base outfit their gyms no matter how big or small.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?


LYNX BARBELL is a minority-owned small business.

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