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Back pain is a serious matter. Not only can it be debilitating and prevent you from living your best life, it can also be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your spine. Spinal health is an extremely important, but sadly overlooked, aspect of our health, and one that all of us should give thought, care and attention to. If you live in the Beaufort, SC area and suffer from neck pain, low back pain, sciatica or sports injury you need expert help to get you back to top form as quickly as possible. You need the knowledge, experience and outstanding care of chiropractors.

You need Corrective Chiropractic in Beaufort, SC!

Don’t let yourself remain a slave to low back pain and neck pain a moment longer. Trust in our expertise to help you to lead a happy, healthy pain free life. You can expect a course of treatment that is completely tailored to your needs and effective relief for…

Lower Back and Neck Pain

The spine is the most important part of the body when it comes to facilitating mobility. Unless our spines are in great health, we can find it very difficult to lead an active and pain-free lifestyle. However, days spent sitting combined with the rigors of exercise and sports can lead to recurrent neck pain and low back pain. We can help to determine the causes of your pain and deliver a course of treatment that’s unique to you.

Sports Injury / Sports Chiropractic

Our dedicated team is here to help you achieve everything you want in your athletic pursuits! Whether you’re a professional or just a weekend warrior, we’re here to help. Our team will do a careful evaluation and create a plan that caters to your specific needs. We want you at the top of your game and neck and low back pain can prevent that. We work to reduce and prevent injuries and get you back faster at the sport you love.


Sciatic pain can be debilitating and our team is dedicated to understanding you and the root cause of your pain. Sciatica can affect anyone including athletes, manual laborers, desk jobs, and more. We here want to give you an individualized care plan that can effectively reduce your sciatic pain symptoms and can go back to enjoying a healthy pain free lifestyle.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Our kids’ put their bodies through a lot during their childhood and even though they are resilient, it doesn’t mean they are invincible. Children spend a great deal of time looking at phones, tablets, and other electronic devices and this puts a lot of stress on their spines. Our pediatric chiropractor can ensure a straight, healthy and flexible spine that can reduce the risk of aches and pains of normal childhood. Let your kids lead the active lifestyle they deserve and trust their care to our dedicated team of gentle, safe, and effective pediatric chiropractors.