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Dr. Trent Hippard


With over a decade of experience promoting exceptional health, Dr. Trent proudly serves the West Knoxville community. His journey began with a profound influence: his brother, Jonathon. Jonathon’s challenges, including autism and bipolar disorder, inspired Dr. Trent to explore chiropractic care. Through this, he witnessed remarkable improvements in Jonathon’s life, from dim eyes to newfound vitality. While chiropractic care doesn’t cure ailments, it enhances the body’s functioning through a clear neurological connection. Dr. Trent’s passion for this field stems from his commitment to unlocking the body’s innate potential. He’s dedicated to serving his community as a trusted West Knoxville Chiropractor, believing in the body’s inner healing capacity.

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120 Capital Dr Suite 103
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Doctors on Staff: Dr. Trent Hippard

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West Knoxville Location

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Best Chiropractor…

Working with Dr. Trent, I’ve learned more about how my body works and how better to take care of it. Not only has the practice helped resolve the presenting issue I came in with, but has also helped improve issues I had assumed I would just have to deal with because I’ve had them for so long. It’s been great to learn and improve with age!

Sara W.

Improved Function …

“I simply cannot say enough great things about Dr. Trent & his amazing work! The benefits I received were two-fold– physical and, more importantly to me, the emotional balancing I received as a result of improved parasympathetic function (rest & digest)! Your future self will thank you when you go through the program of Restoration with Dr. Trent, and best support dog, Eugene!”

Julie C.

Quality of Life …

“Doctor Trent is the best! I’ve been going to Chiropractor’s for the past 45 years and he is the only Chiropractor I’ve gone to that found the core of my issues and then explains how we can work together to improve my health and live a healthier life.Dr. Trent always explains what he is going to do before treatment and what it affects.
Not only does he take care of my spine but he teaches how to keep it strong through exercise and nutrition.
I’m very grateful to Dr. Trent for helping me feel better and improve my quality of life.”

Dawn C.

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