Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue to enhance the release of lactic acid from the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system for detox. Some of the benefits of this practice include increased mobilization, strength against injury, as well as the reduction of anxiety and stress levels on the body. Massage therapy also optimizes the functionality of the muscular system, which allows your adjustments to move easier and last longer.

Corrective Chiropractic offers the following massage options for a true healing experience:

Hot Stone Massage (Seasonal from November 1 – March 15)

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stones are used to enhance the massage experience. During this massage the stones are placed on the back, and as they cool down, we use the stones as a extension of our hands to apply heat to the entire body.

55 minutes – $78
85 minutes – $117

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a technique that relieves pain and tension in the muscles. Applying direct pressure to the contracted muscles allows them to release lactic acid, which reduces inflammation and improves joint mobility.

25 minutes – $39
55 minutes – $78
85 minutes – $117

Package Pricing:
6 Visits – $456
9 Visits – $666
12 Visits – $864

The Bump Experience (Pregnancy Massage)

Pregnancy massages allow expecting moms to relax their achy muscles and take time to give their bodies a much needed break. This massage also helps to alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue, and increase circulation and flexibility within the body, which can ultimately make for an easier labor.

55 minute massage – $78
85 minute massage – $117

Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage
Help your employees perform at their optimal levels by giving them the gift of touch. All that is needed is a small space to set up the chair, and each employee will receive a 10-minute massage.

Massage Benefits:

    • Increase daily productivity
    • Decrease the amount of work-place stress
    • Helps reduce work-place injuries

Rate – $120 per hour

Add-On Services

Arctic Touch

DoTerra Deep Blue is a blend of essential oils that support and help relieve muscle and joint pain. With this add-on service, we apply this cream to specific areas of the body that are experiencing increased inflammation and stress.  The cooling sensation of Deep Blue provides a therapeutic effect that is quickly felt during the massage.

$5 Add-on Charge