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Dr. Taylor Jackson


Dr. Taylor is a highly dedicated chiropractor based in Chamblee, renowned for his unwavering commitment to enhancing the health and vibrancy of his community through the practice of chiropractic care. His educational journey began with a solid foundation in health and human services, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. This was a critical stepping stone before advancing to Life University in Atlanta, where he achieved his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Taylor’s passion extends beyond traditional chiropractic methods; he specializes in Corrective Chiropractic, with a particular emphasis on non-surgical spinal decompression techniques. This specialization has not only set him apart in his field but has significantly improved the quality of life for many of his patients by providing an effective alternative to more invasive medical procedures.His approach to patient care is holistic and comprehensive, focusing not just on symptom relief but on addressing the root causes of discomfort and pain. This method ensures that his patients enjoy not only immediate relief but also long-term health and wellness.

For Dr. Taylor, serving the Chamblee community is a privilege and a calling. He is deeply invested in making a positive impact through his practice and is always eager to engage in conversations about wellness, healthy living, and the transformative power of chiropractic care. Whether for professional collaborations or casual discussions on pursuing a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Taylor remains a committed and approachable figure in the world of chiropractic wellness.

Dr. Tiana Branch


A longtime Southern resident, Dr. Tiana discovered her passion for Chiropractic while pursuing her degree in exercise physiology at Kennesaw State University. Through her studies, she came to understand the vital importance of whole-body maintenance and its impact on the long term well-being of those around her. Driven by her belief that quality of life is paramount, she is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential.She found corrective care shortly after graduating and became completely obsessed with the results her patients were receiving.

Dr. Tiana wants her patients to meet their goals while having results that last and create quality over a lifetime. Tiana’s expertise span a variety of specialized areas including scoliosis, structural correction, athletic performance, and goal-driven chiropractic care.Having been a fitness instructor since her undergraduate days, Dr. Tiana possesses a strong desire to motivate and empower individuals to achieve their goals.

By combining her background in exercise science with her unwavering passion for holistic wellness, she offers a unique approach to inspire patients to embrace a lifestyle of health and vitality through Chiropractic care, proper body mechanics, posture, nutrition, and a positive mindset.

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Best Chiropractor…

“Dr. Tiana is the best chiropractor in Chamblee. I started coming to her for headaches/migraines and some back pain from working at a desk all day. Since seeing her, I have been able to stop my migraine medication and I have been sleeping so much better. She is very thorough and wanted to get to the root of my problem rather than just treating the symptoms. She walked me through every step in care and I am so grateful for that! I really look forward to coming and getting adjusted every week!.”

Shelby W.

Knowledgeable …

“Dr Taylor is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to! He has the most professional bedside manner and is so knowledgeable about the spine. His adjustments are amazing and I have felt so much better since seeing him. I look forward to every appointment I get to see Dr Taylor. He is the amazing and I would 100% recommend..”


Personalized Attention …

“She’s a friendly and supportive healthcare provider who is knowledgeable at providing chiropractic care to adults and children! Dr. Tiana gives personalized attention and care to each and everyone of her patients! She takes time to explain things, so you really understand. Dr. Tiana is excellent at working with children as well! My son (13) was experiencing some issues with running and fitness. 

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Tiana services and treatment for our family! We are grateful for her continued care and guidance. Highly recommended.”

Jennifer Z.

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