Book Your New Patient Appointment

Your Discovery Appointment

 Your journey to optimal health starts with a tailored initial consultation and exam, utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic procedures, including thermal scans, muscle scan testing, digital posture analysis, digital X-rays, and range of motion assessments.
Personalized care is our priority, with orthopedic examinations conducted when necessary.

Review Your Results

At your follow-up appointment, expect a personalized care experience, meticulously designed just for you. We’ll review all diagnostics from your initial consultation, crafting a tailored plan to meet your unique needs and health goals.

Transparency is paramount, as we’ll provide a clear timeline and upfront cost discussion, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your care journey.

Your First Adjustment


It’s time for your adjustment!

Our team will carefully walk you through each aspect of the adjustment as it is specific to your needs, making sure you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process.

Any questions you have will be warmly welcomed and thoughtfully answered.

Don’t see a time that works for you? We got you covered.

Call or text the office at (865) 315-7479 to get the most up to date availability!