Dr. Austin Cohen

Chiropractor & Founder of Corrective Chiropractic

Dr. Austin Cohen received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He received his undergraduate training at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. While pursuing his chiropractic studies, Dr. Cohen began focused studies on structural correction through the CBP and Pettibon protocol.

Dr. Cohen has received post-doctorate training in structural care through Chiropractic Biophysics and has done research on how healthy posture relates to optimal function. His research has been published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health and is currently an author for Primal Docs, which is a blog related to functional living.

He has a passion for serving families and helping people who could not get better through traditional and alternative means.

In his spare time, Dr. Cohen loves spending time with his wife, Shira, competing in Crossfit competitions, or traveling to places to witness animals in their natural habitat. His favorite place has been Victoria, Canada where he saw orca whales swimming in the wild. He is also an author of the best-selling “Eliteness: A Simple Guide to Uncovering Your Hidden Potential to Becoming Elite”GET IT ON AMAZON!

Dr. Samaira Dumpson


Dr. Samaira Dumpson received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA. She received her undergraduate training at Spelman College and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  While pursuing her chiropractic studies, Dr. Samaira focused her education in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family care.

She has received advanced training in the management of infants, children, and pre- and postpartum women through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She is working toward the completion of all certifications in pediatrics and pregnancy.

Dr. Samaira is passionate about educating and serving the community on natural and true health in order for all individuals to live life at their full potential. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her younger siblings, playing tennis, outdoor activities, and traveling.


Jessica Elizondo

Clinical Nutritionist

Jessica is the Clinical Nutritionist at Corrective Chiropractic. She is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and has also been certified through Applied Nutritional Analysis. Jessica wholeheartedly believes in the body’s ability to heal from the inside out and utilizes alternative and holistic methods for supporting the body’s natural function, such as Nutrition Response Testing, blood work, and saliva testing.

As the nutritionist on staff, she works one-on-one with clients to understand and support her or his nutritional needs, so each person can function at an optimal level.  She sees clients who range from in-the-womb to the elderly. Jessica also loves to walk alongside pregnant moms during that special season of life, as well as those wanting to have a baby. Giving the body proper nutrition prior to conceiving and while carrying a child is so important, so Jessica will work with women to give them the best support possible!

She is also the founder of More Than Food, LLC, which is a resource that provides various outlets and services for positive and healthy life changes (www.morethanfoodnutrition.com). Be sure to follow @more_than_food for daily recipes // healthy inspiration on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Do you live too far away for an office visit?  Jessica offers phone consultations! Please call or email the front desk, and let us know you would like to set up an initial visit over the phone!


Shalonda Barnett

Massage Therapist

Shalonda has been the Massage Therapist at Corrective Chiropractic for four years. The most gratifying thing for her in this practice is to be able to see the human body heal itself though adjustments and massage. Her hope as a massage therapist is to continue making a change in the community one muscle at a time.

In her spare time, Shalonda really enjoys getting massages and spending quality time with her family. She also appreciates a healthy lifestyle and incorporates running and/or working out three days a week to her routine.


Diondra Campbell

Chiropractic Assistant

Diondra is from Georgetown, South Carolina, and she earned an associates degree in Applied Science for Medical Assisting. She is very passionate about chiropractic care, and as a Chiropractic Assistant at Corrective Chiropractic, her goal is to educate as many people as she can on the benefits of an adjustment, as well as on healing methods that lessen the intake of unnecessary medicine.

In her spare time, Diondra enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and researching natural remedies. Her biggest personal goal is to inspire and motivate the children in her hometown community to succeed and live high quality lives.