Who We Are

Corrective Chiropractic is based out of Atlanta, Georgia with 14 locations across the country. Our team is trained on the newest technology and practiced with the best doctors to learn different adjusting techniques.

Our office focuses on corrective care, which means we get to the root of a problem and help the body heal itself from any damage it has endured from sitting for long periods of time, daily stress, or exercise, to name a few.  

Because the body only experiences 10% of pain, symptoms may not always be present. But when there is discomfort, it is no fun, so we can take a look to discover any challenges your body may be facing.

What We Do

We aren’t your typical snap-crackle-pop chiropractor. Our team will do a 20 point assessment that shows us specific data points and exactly what needs to be adjusted.

The initial exam utilizes various tests, including a full set of digital x-rays, EMG muscle scans, a posture screening, and other diagnostics to better understand how your body is functioning muscularly and structurally.

We’ll be able to see exactly how your posture is affecting your overall health as well.

So whether pain is present or not, the tests are able to look internally to see how we can help bring you to your highest level of health!

Our Core Values

E9We stand for an excellence of 9 or above in everything we do in life and specifically our performance in the workplace.

We are FamilyOur team and our patients are our family who we look after and give them unconditional love.

Patient First – Patients come first before anything and we go above and beyond for them to have a remarkable experience.

WOW – We create a WOW experience day in and day out for our patients so we constantly know what they are thinking before they say it.