10 Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor

1. You notice postural imbalances in your body

These asymmetries can show up as one shoulder being higher than the other, rotated hips or even a crooked nose. Chiropractors are trained in seeing misalignments in the body and work to restore balance in the structure.

2. Your body feels like it is not running at it’s best

A less than optimally functioning nervous system can be one cause of fatigue, aches and pain, headaches, etc. A goal of most chiropractors is to help remove nerve interference to the
nervous system, and in turn increase the function of the body.

3. You sit often

Sitting can put a lot of abnormal stress on our bodies. A chiropractor can help unwind this tension and some can provide exercises/stretches to do throughout the day.

4. The soles of your shoes wear out differently

One heel might be more worn than the other, or at an angle. This is a tell tell sign that some-thing in the structure of your body is off.

5. You have limited range of motion

If you have trouble bending or experience tightness during stretching a chiropractor may be able to help. Sometimes this is due to a structural misalignment leading to tight muscles.

6. You are active

If you run a lot, or want to maintain an active lifestyle, getting adjusted is an important way to make sure your body is moving properly.

7. You have had physical trauma

Whether you got in a car crash, or have played sport, both micro and macro trauma adds up in the body. This trauma can lead to structural imbalances and degenerative conditions.

8. You want to live a more health conscious life

Chiropractors are full of knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of them are vitalistically minded, meaning they recognize the bodies ability to heal and work to help the body express the innate potential within.

9. You experience tingling in an arm or leg

A lot of times this can be contributed to a pinched nerve. A chiropractor is trained in finding the root cause and addressing it.

10. You have a lot of stress

Chiropractors can help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation and reducing stress.

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  2. Kate Hansen says:

    It helped when you said to see one if you have been in a car crash. My husband and I got into a crash a couple of weeks ago that has caused my body to be in a lot of pain ever since, so I was wondering how to get treated for it. I’ll have to look into seeing a chiropractor for help.

  3. Wellbeing365 says:

    Nice info! Thank you for this blog, it is really helpful. Having the basic information on this topic has helped reduce a lot of stress about actually visiting a chiropractor. This is a great blog with so much of informative insight. Keep Posting.

  4. Afton Jackson says:

    My range of motion has definitely felt quite extremely limited recently, as even just reaching for something on the cabinet has been difficult for me. Something like this might be extremely dangerous if I choose to ignore it, so I better do whatever I can to get it treated. As per your advice, I’ll go and look for a chiropractor in the area as soon as possible so I can have them help me with what I need.

  5. Charlotte Fleet says:

    My best friend was in a car accident on Monday night, and she’s mentioned feeling back pain ever since. Thanks for explaining how physical trauma due to a car crash can cause structural imbalances and is a sign to see a chiropractor. I’ll help my friend find a reputable chiropractor this weekend to treat her back pain.


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