This past Tuesday night we held our 21 Day Mental Detox workshop where I showed everyone 5 simple steps to begin to rewire the brain for happiness. In a World where the news, radio, and TV focuses primarily on negative information it is crucial we wire the brain for positivity and happiness. There are too many people walking around who have been brainwashed from these media outlets believing people are bad, the economy is bad, the World is going to blow up, body symptoms are ok, processed foods are not that bad, and the list could go on. Unfortunately people are taking this on to dictate and determine their happiness but little do they know that this is a small percentage.

This World of media and other resources is scientifically proven to dictate only 10% of someones long term happiness. The 90% of happiness comes from how the BRAIN process this information. As Shawn Anchors says so eloquently “It is not the reality that shapes us but the lens through which our brain views the World that shapes our reality and if we can change our lens then we can change our happiness.”

For us to change this lens we detox and flush out all the garbage between the ears by doing the 5 following steps for the next 21 days.

5 Steps to Happiness


1) Attitude of Gratitude

Write out 3 things you are grateful for. This has you scan for what is positive in the World and begin to rewire your brain for positivity.

2) Journaling

Write out 1 success that has happened within 24 hours. This allows you to look book in your life and see how successful you are.

3) Exercise

This begins to create behavioral changes and shifts for the body to start working out more and making lifestyle changes. More importantly it begins to create a healthier YOU.

4) Meditate

In a World where people cannot focus for more than 2 seconds this begins to slow down the brain to help you concentrate more and focus. I recommend downloading the Podcasts app on your phone and download the Chopra Center podcasts for guided meditations.

5) Random Acts of Kindness

Do 1 thing a day for someone else.