Corrective Chiropractic

You’ve noticed it. We’ve noticed it. We’ve seen it in you, just like we’ve seen it in all our patients. There’s something about a chiropractic adjustment that just feels… right. Day after day we see our clients leave our practice with a spring in their step and a renewed sense of vigor and vitality. But how can this be? How can a simple palpation of the muscles and joints of the spine lead to the surge of wellbeing that our clients experience? Does a chiropractic adjustment work some kind of musculoskeletal sorcery on your body? Or is the effect merely psychological?

Well, it’s a little bit of both. Let us explain. It all starts with…

The spine: The highway of the nervous system

Think of your spine as the nervous system’s very own highway. Billions of cars (or nerve impulses) travel up and down this highway every day transmitting data to and from the brain. When our spine is in a state of proper alignment these metaphorical cars can flow freely. However, when the spine is misaligned by injury or the simple ravages of a sedentary lifestyle, it can slow this traffic down to a crawl.

When this happens, it can have adverse effects not only on the nervous system but the endocrine and immune systems which it governs. This can result not only in stiffness and pain but less obvious symptoms like headaches, lethargy and even depression.  

As such, chiropractic adjustment can feel like that wonderful moment where heavy traffic eases on the highway, and you’re free to resume your pleasant journey free of the stress and frustration of being stuck in traffic.

Often we’re not aware of the wear and damage that have been done to our spine and the systems which are dependent on it until this has been rectified.

Tension and release

Another important factor is tension. All day, every day we carry tension around our bodies. Stress, strain, upset anger and frustration can lead to an increase in tension of the myofascial system. This is a system of fibrous connective tissues that extends all across our bodies and is intrinsically tied to the entire musculoskeletal system. We may not be aware that we are carrying this tension around with us until it is released by the skilled hands of a chiropractor.

Endorphin rush!

Many of our clients compare the rush of wellbeing that comes after a chiropractic alignment to the same rush that comes after a really satisfying workout. It’s easy to see why. Both activities facilitate a rush of endorphins (the brain’s natural painkillers and feel good chemicals) that leaves us feeling happy, healthy and well adjusted in every sense of the word when we hop off of the chiropractor’s table.

How can we help?

Our skilled team of chiropractors are well versed in the role that spinal health can play in a healthy nervous system. With their help, you too can enjoy the natural feeling of wellbeing that comes with regular chiropractic adjustment. Why wait? Schedule an appointment today!

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  1. ANDREW BANTON says:

    I knew that chiropractor adjustment is very good for health and It feels so good. After reading this article, now I have got more ideas about the chiropractic adjustment. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  2. Fred Gibbons says:

    It’s interesting that you point out that getting a chiropractic adjustment can help relieve stress. I’ve been feeling very stressed out lately, so I’m considering seeing a chiropractor. I’m going to look for a reputable provider of chiropractic care in my area to use.


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