Chiropractic Doesnt Cost It Saves

Many of you have told me about certain things in your life you want to do that relates to healthcare and unfortunately you do not do it because you think it COSTS. I had someone last week telling me they did not want to eat grass-fed beef because it was $2 more/pound and when I asked them about their 401K they max it out every month. I asked someone about doing crossfit and they said it was too expensive yet they as well were maxing out a savings plan. I truly feel in order for us to move forward as a society we have to quit looking at these types of healthcare such as: chiropractic, massage, nutrition, exercise, etc as costs but see them more as investments. I could take all the money I use towards my health and place it in some form of savings but how do I want my quality of life to look like as I age? Would I rather have less money and better quality and quantity of life or more money but weakened health? Usually what I see is people who put money into their health tend to get so much more back as they save from doctors visit and become more productive to increase their income.

In a recent Harvard study they found the number 1 reason for bankruptcy in our country is medical expenses. The study showed that out of all bankruptcies roughly 62% were due to medical expenses and 78% of those people had some form of insurance. This is what happens when we are reactive with healthcare and we depend on a medical model. If you only see me when your hurt, go to the gym when your overweight, eat healthy when you find out your pre-diabetic, or only do something about your healthcare when there is a problem then you’re currently right now moving down the trap.

I had a lady in my office last week try and justify that her weak spine was fine because most people in our society have this type of spine and it is common. I had to go on and explain to her that a spine that has had poor habits of daily spinal hygiene and no chiropractic care will be weak and probably arthritic as it ages BUT someone who eats poor food and doesn’t work out will eventually gain weight. It is COMMON for people in our society to be overweight since +50% of the population is and it is common to develop heart disease since +50% of our society does BUT does this make it NORMAL? I want the best for all of you and I want you to be different than our society and by different that is leading a great quality of life with abundant energy and truly getting to do things you love doing and not being hindered by health.

My commitment to you is to have our office be a place where no matter the market conditions or anything else going on in the World you get the best return on your investment possible. Through our workshops, newsletters, e-book, and most importantly chiropractic care our office strives to leave you and your family with a much bigger return on investment then what you put into it. Whatever you pay in our office my goal is that the investment you are putting in gives you quadruple your return which would be more than any 401K, IRA, or other investment route. This is my commitment and if you trust me and my team and commit to long term care then I promise you will see huge gains like all our other clients who have been with us the longest.